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  1. Yes the Caribbean terrace is a rooftop. Yes u have to pay extra. I was there in sept. And they told me it was ok to extend to 12 midnight. Not any later than that tho. I spoke to them in person and have it all written down so you shouldn't have any problems if this is what u wanna do also !!
  2. Yes I actually went there for a site visit in September ! I did not see it set up for a wedding but I went up there and it is beautiful and has an amazing view !! They told me that this was one of the locations that I can extend the time. The told me midnight was the latest. I'll try to post some pics later . I have quite a few !!
  3. Hi ! I am getting married in 2014 ! I am doing April. I am getting married at Now Jade. Waiting for the wedding coordinators call today to put down my deposit ! Congrats to you !
  4. How does First week in March of 2014 sound ? Does anyone think the prices will be too high then because of spring break !?
  5. That's what I figured , the the prices this year would be similar to next year. Can anyone tell me what their guests are paying ? I'm looking to give options. Probably a 5 night option or a 7 night ....
  6. Hello everyone ! I am also trying to plan my wedding at Now Jade for 2014 . The problem I'm having is choosing a date ! Since the travel agents can't give me an exact quote for prices I'm not sure when to set my date ! My fear is that I pick a date and then the prices for my guests are too high . I wanna stay around $1300 pp . Does anyone have any advice for me !? Thanks !
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