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  1. Hello, can you please email me the ceremony scripts too? Thanks so much! My email is mariellabustamante@yahoo.ca
  2. Thanks Savs! I will have to ask abt them cuz we are doing the free wedding package and adding on what we want, it's more cost-effective for us this way since we are having a small group for our wedding the conch shells are a nice touch!
  3. Hey Savs I was just looking at ur beautiful pics again and I had a question, where did u get the conch shells on ur aislerunner? Were they provided by the resort (if so what did they charge)? Or did you purchase them from somewhere? Thanks for ur help!
  4. Hi ladies, I just got my pricing solidified with our TA (thanks again Rachel for the referral!) so I'm moving forward with making decisions on photography and add-ons. We are having a small group with us (abt 20 in total including myself and fiancé) and we are doing the fake cocktail hour, so we may just do the basic (free) wedding package and add what we want. Does anyone who went this route know the cost of the reception dinner per person (adults and children)? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, where in Ontario are you. I'm in Mississauga
  6. So unfortunately the resort wasn't able to do anything to honour the rates, I was pretty shocked that they couldn't do anything AT ALL. Had I not been in love with the resort I would have walked away. They recommended I go with a travel agent so I called both the agents recommended by Tammy and Rachel, and I was able to get in touch with Rachel's travel agent, she has been amazing so far so my fingers are crossed we get a decent rate at least I can move forward with planning for our big day on 26Aug13, anyone else getting married that day too?
  7. Thanks Tammy and Rach0636 - I appreciate your feedback. Today I spoke to the resort again - first the call centre then reservations, and then the weddings department. I spoke to a fantastic lady named Gabriela (Weddings Supervisor). She was extremely professional and understanding, she is going to be getting in touch with the groups team at the resort and will try to get us the best rate possible. She was so nice she even reserved our wedding date for us for a week (no deposit) while she makes arrangements on our rates I emailed her after we spoke and forawrded the screen shots I had taken (soooo glad I kept those), and she responded very promply. We'll see what she can do, at least things are looking up!
  8. This is my first post here and it's not a happy one, I'm sooooo upset I'm shaking right now. I have seriously been pricing out room rates for my wedding and as of early today Dreams promotional rate was still good, I have been trying unsuccessfully to reach Lorena, the wedding coordinator fir about a week and a half now, to no avail. I called long distance several times and left her several messages and even emailed. Nothing. I finally got a hold of her yesterday afternoon and let her know i was anxious to reserve my wedding date (either Aug 25 or 26 2013) and book my rooms. She told me only Aug 30 was available, I asked her to please double check. After being on hold she told me the 26th was free. I asked how I could reserve this date and rooms, I was willing to put in all the deposits required to do this. Lorena said I had to fill out several forms, I asked her if it was the ones on the website (wedding request form) and she said no, she ad to email me these forms. I told her I had sent several emails and if she could just reply to my email with the attached forms I would send them through right away. After another long hold she said she found my email and would send me the forms. Nothing received. So I'm on the reservation site showing a go the site and wanted to let her know the rate and it's $500 more for the preferred club ocean view room, and the basic room is $200 more than the previous rate I had obtained for the preferred room!!! I'm freaking out and I call the resort to explain the situation, the girl i spoke to said that even though the promotion is still on rates can change due to availability and that there's nothing she can do but that I should call reservations tomorrow. I am so upset because I have been proactive and now there's this issue due to the wedding coordinators lack of response. I'm hoping the reservations manager can honor the previous rate otherwise I don't know what I will do :'( has anyone had to escalate any issues to upper management? If so do you ave a contact person? Thanks ladies...
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