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  2. So I asked this in the other group... but how tight are they on minimums for private reception? For example, I want to have a private reception, but right now I'm sitting at 38 adults and 2 kids, but miniumum everywhere states 40 adults... will I get away with it? I'm also worried we will plan for private, and then something happens where someone has to back out and then we have even less...
  3. Does anyone have a price list from the resort for the beach dinner/reception? I've only heard about it through here, that it's $50/pp, but what does that include? Is there a menu you can choose from or is it from Aunt Ruby's?
  4. OMG!! They just did this to me too!! They changed our December dates from a Sat-Sat to Thurs-Thurs, which completely screwed over some people's vacations plans and arrangements, not to mention now people need to take at least 6 days of vacation, not 5!! Luckily our wedding date was on the Tuesday so it is not affected and will still work. But frustrating!! Our invites used the Saturday to Saturday dates, and so now for all the guests who might not be booking through the group, I have to contact to let them know we will be staying at different dates if they want to align.
  5. It's tricky, on the upload section it only lists import from email contacts, but if you to 'add a household' on the right it says import from excel. Did it and it worked great. Only thing is it doesn't let you add more than 1 email per household, so you have to go and edit the guests after the upload. I tried doing 'email 1' and 'email 2' to associate between people but it didn't work. No biggie, still good. Now if only I could hear back from modwedding about my refund. 3 days no reply.
  6. Yeah. The only thing is with WeddingWire, adding all the guest list. I wish there was a simple upload tool for Excel files. Overall I think it has more tools than modwedding, especially when it comes to font and design. I'm still hoping modwedding can figure out and fix the reason half our guests can't get onto the site. I have a feeling it is related to the Internet provider but who knows.
  7. We tried using modwedding.com. Even paid for the highest membership thinking we could use the "modcards". Unfortunately the modcards couldn't send with all the images showing properly, even their own, the textboxes weren't see-through all the time, and it would put random spacing in the titles. It was odd and unfortunate, but I could deal with it. However, after sending the website out to half our guest list to go to, most reported not being able to access it it all. Now we need to make a new one and send another email out to everyone. Frustrating process. Guess we will try wedding wire.
  8. So exciting! I have similar wedding colours for our wedding there in Dec. Have you heard anything from the resort about a private reception at Aunt Ruby's for 50? This was my first choice but I read they were hard on their minimums, and for this restaurant, it's 100 people!! Let me know if you have any luck booking it.
  9. We finally settled on a resort after a stressful month of searching. We were quite determined for December 2013, so after finding out about availability from the resort, we just sent in our paperwork for Dec 17, 2013 at IRHS! So the rest of the fun stuff can begin!! I will start making a log of questions to send in, and of course not expect a reply for several weeks. Yayyy! I feel like that was the hardest part. Trying not to be too picky, and also still get a resort that is a fair price for our guests, and a direct flight.
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