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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyO I was told you can't rent out the Dolce Vita for a "private reception" I spoke to Vannette herself on the phone and was explained it will be "semi-private" as there are other parties in the restaruant at the same time. Im not too picky, I don't care if there are other people in the restaurant. I doubt anyone will be paying any attention to other tables as your group will be focusing on you (the bride) and no one else. I would call or email to confirm Hi Jenny, I originally wanted the piscis but that was unavailable so they told me they would shut down the restaurant for a private reception
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by MelB2012 I've done it without seeing pictures.... and haven't gotten married yet. Should be nice... it's by the water. Oh that's nice
  3. I've rented out the Dolce Vita for a private reception - has anyone else done that? If so, does anyone have any pictures? The unknown scares me
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Dena Hi Staceydale, Its too bad we will miss you too! I am travelling the same week as MelB. Our group is heading home on the 16th but we are off to another resort in Negril! I have to admit ladies I am having a slight meltdown because I didn't realize that I had to physically send notarized copies of our documents to the hotel. I thought they could be send by email and we could bring the originals with us. UGH! After discovering this my fiancé tells me that his birth certificate is damaged and probably not acceptable. I should have checked this myself when I originally asked him about it months ago but I mistakenly thought he had it under control lol!!!! We end up having to rush order his new one which is $65 and are currently waiting for it. I have sent an email to the wedding coordinators at the resort because I have looked into shipping the documents and everyone says they have to have a physical address not the PO Box that I have. SO.....if anyone knows the physical address that I send my documents I would really appreciate getting it as you will likely respond quicker than the resort. Boy I need a Bob Marley shot for sure!!! Dena, I had the exact same problem! No one would send because there wasn't a civic address! I tried everywhere and FedEx was able to do it! They just needed a phone number for the resort when I sent it. I sent the package last Thursday and they received it yesterday! The cost was really steep though - $116 - I don't know where you are sending it from but I'm in Newfoundland, Canada, so we I'd say I'm on the high end of the pricing scale. Good luck!
  5. leannesmith, How long did it take them to receive your documents and did you use priority post? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know the address for the wedding department for the resort?! I'm trying I mail my documentation today and they are telling me that I need a civic number and street name not just the resort name. Can someone help me out please! I need to er this in the mail today!!! Thanks!!!
  7. I'm from Newfoundland, Canada. We have about 50 people coming! When are you getting married?
  8. Haha! We thought about doing that too! Seems to be less stressful! Hopefully it will work out for us - if not, we can always get married back here after lol! Nice talking to ya! I'm going to keep you in mind if I have any questions!
  9. Nice to know someone is on the same page as me - I had a number of friends that got married at home (not a destination) this summer and the amount of planning they had to do was crazy! The coordinators have been slow with their responses but at least I am to the point now that I feel it would be "ok" to plan the rest down there. Are you having a civil ceremony or are you getting married before hand? I sent along the documentation for a civil ceremony but I haven't heard back yet - of course.... lol
  10. I will be traveling November 16th - 26th! Our wedding is on the 20th! How have you guy's found the planning? I have booked the Dolce Vita for the dinner and reception but that's about it. I'm getting nervous, because I feel like I have nothing done!
  11. Anyone getting married November 20th 2013? I just clued up my plans for the reception and I'm getting really excited!!
  12. I have chosen the semi-private location for my wedding - any recommendations on which a la cart is the best? I have about 50 guests.
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