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  1. We had 30 guests and had one long table and there was tons of room for the DJ, the cake table, the table where the photographers and DJ eat dancing. It's a lot bigger than it looks! I liked having a DJ just for convenience and we also wanted him to play background music for the dinner, we needed a sound system for speeches, the video screen for a slideshow and cold fireworks. He sent out a form a few weeks in advance where I indicated my must play songs, songs for the entrance, first dance, garter toss, etc. it is a $350 vendor fee though to get him onto the resort but we found it was still cheap than the DJ the resort provides I just looked at a picture of my cake for the first time, haha, and it does look kind of small, however we all had dessert with dinner and when the cake was served everyone was busy dancing so I honestly don't know if many other than the kids even ate it. I can email you a picture if you would like?
  2. Yes they will send you a form for music, announcements, must play songs, etc. I thought they were incredible!
  3. Wedding was absolutely PERFECT and the easiest thing in the world, I am on honeymoon so I don't want to spend much time online but will happily post and review in a few weeks. The coordinators are absolute pros, they all work together because often your "designated" coordinator will be busy in other meetings or events once you arrive but they all know EXACTLY what is going on and are all involved in your day. They will all know and greet you by name each time you walk in the office and each and every last minute request is possible. When I lost an e-ticket for my son, the hotel wanted me to go back to my room and email them the document to print out, and although this still would have been very easy, Pilar overheard this and just told me to go to her office and use her own personal laptop. We did the Pergola, Mix Bar, And Terrace for locations with Del Sol Photography and Disco Movil so I will be more than happy to answer any questions in the future. I am so excited for you all to get married here!
  4. You can choose pretty much any appetizer, soup, main course, dessert combination you would like. You can have 2 different main courses, they will just have to know your exact numbers at your planning meeting, we had both beef and chicken. I sent in pictures of flowers I liked and they customized them and added ribbon, etc and for my choice there was no fee. We saw so many different wedding setups and flower arrangements while we were there, I think you can do almost anything. As for a signature drink, we went to the Mix Bar the second night we were there and Darius made us all sorts to sample which was really nice. I found that nothing was set in stone when you send in your planning form in advance, we changed things and added extras once we got there and had seen a few other weddings to see what we liked. I know lots of people on here had mentioned how it truly is so easy once you get there and i couldn't believe it either until I saw them in action, but it really is true quote name="kylie537" post="1881730" timestamp="1420395386"]We are getting married in April and we have started looking over the menu and planning extras etc... Can anyone recommend what hor d'eourves they selected from divine menu. What was good, what wasn't. We would prefer the buffet but we only have 40 guests coming. I also found it strange that the menu gives you 3 options but the one pick is the one every guest has to have for entree. It would be nice if the guests had a choice between two different entrees at least. Unless I'm understanding it wrong. Also sone ideas on signature drinks would be great:) We have two kids who will be 1 and 6 at the time of the wedding and my whole wedding party has kids ranging from 8 months to 6 yrs old. How was the pool area and beach areas for shade? Are their cabanas to use and how early do we need to get up to claim one. We're nervous about hearing reviews about the cups not being washed great and people getting Sick. Any advice for people that travelled with little kids to the resort? We went with the divine package but I don't like any of the flowers on the list. Did they charge you a crazy amount to customize flowers or is it worth going outside the resort. We want to have a mexican decor type,wedding so we were thinking of getting a bunch of Pom flowers and banners and decor while we were down there to incorporate in. Anyone had suggestions? We have 40 guests and are having our receptions at castaways. It's huge from what I have heard but divided into sections. We would like to keep all the tables in one section and then have dance floor and DJ in a different section. How many tables approx could fit In one of the sections? We need about 5 or 6 tables with 7 people approx. Sorry about all the random all over the place questions. Life's too busy to plan this wedding so I a, really hoping that I can get this thing all figured out in a day and then worry about the rest once I am there.
  5. Only 2 more days until we leave! Getting very excited now, I will be sure to write up a review and post pics when I can. Thank you to everyone who answered my questions, emailed me pictures, and who simply took the time to write up a review so we could all learn from your experience. I couldn't have done it without you!
  6. Thank you everyone for all your help in planning my wedding, I haven't been very active on the boards but have taken away so much advice! We are getting married January 8th, we chose the Pergola at 4:00, cocktails at the Mix Bar at 5:00 then reception on the terrace from 6:00-11:00pm. For those of you in the beginning stages I have to say planning has been a breeze with the wedding coordinator with incredibly fast replies and it seems there isn't any request they could not accommodate. There were no surprises (so far!) in my wedding contract. We hired Del Sol for photography and they are $150 for each photographer for the day and we also got an outside DJ which required a vendor fee of $350. Keep in mind for your planning and budgeting purposes that you need to add 16% tax to everything and extra dinners, etc also need to have 15% service charge on top of it. Hope this helps and I will let you know how everything goes! If you are wondering about setups for each location or other ideas for bouquets, cakes, decorations other than what is listed in the wedding guide, just ask and they can email you tons of pictures. If you find pictures of other flower arrangements, bouquets, etc that you like, you can just send a picture in an email to them and they will let you know if it would be considered a divine bouquet or a premium bouquet, etc.
  7. Does anyone know how easy it is to take out US cash at the resort? I have a couple vendors I need to pay cash for on my wedding day but it's alot of money so I don't want to travel with it. Just for anyone's planning, I am extending my reception until 11pm (latest they will allow for outdoor events) and for 33 people it is going $569 per hour and that includes the 15% gratuity.
  8. My contract shows $1000 for 4 hours or $350 per hour plus the 16%. The light package is an additional $350 and the vendor fee for an outside DJ is $350. The dance floor is $928 for 1-50 people or $1392 from 50-100 in total (The 16% is included in these prices). Not sure if this helps or not!
  9. Does anyone have any pics or videos of terrace setups for reception/dance? I have found lots for the other reception locations but very minimal for the terrace. Thank you!
  10. I have also booked the terrace for my reception, being outside was a must for me! I was just wondering if you could please tell me if you know the latest the dancing can go until? I have heard both 10:30 and 11:00 because it is outdoors, I have emailed the resort lots and just keep getting quotes for the extended DJ prices. Just curious, thank you!
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