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  1. Geez I was replying to a post that must have been near the front, cos this reply has nothing to do with the above posts! Still finding my way around this site!!
  2. Actually I was told, and only just recently by Deisy our wedding coordinator at Now Jade, that the fee for sound system rental for the reception is $150 USD. We have the Divine wedding package and the sound system is included in the ceremony but we have to pay for the reception.
  3. Geez I never thought of that. Putting all that effort into a song list just to have everyone else be fighting over whose ipod will get in the dock next. And I even asked people to bring their ipods so there would be a variety of songs everyone likes. I might have shot myself in the foot!! Well i think I am just gonna make sure we have the songs we want for the main events, ceremony, first dance etc and the rest, whatever! I am no bridezilla at all so I think I can be fairly laid back about it all. I hope!
  4. Some fab ideas here! I hadn't even thought of the guest book yet! As far as the chalk board idea, I love it but want to know do you leave a polaroid camera out for them to take the pic with or a digi camera.
  5. Has anyone had their make up and hair done by the resort people at Now Jade or know of someone who has and what was the review? I am having mine done as a part of the Divine package and am a little worried. Just because when I have had someone else do my make up or my hair it usually des not turn out too great. Well, mostly it's the make up I am worried about. I only had two bad hair experiences!
  6. Hi ladies! So I was thinking a fabulous idea for wedding favours were seed bombs wrapped up in our colours at each place setting. They would have a little label on them saying "Plant Me" and our names and date on them. When planted its a variety of flowers and I thought it would be a lovely reminder of our day for our guests. But my dilemma is bringing these into Mexico. My wedding coordinator at the resort said as long as they are labelled with the contents it should be fine. Just wondering if anyone else has done this in the past or knows of someone who has and if they had any difficulties at customs.
  7. Thanks! Food for thought! Just can't wait for April!!
  8. Hi everyone! What a great find this site is for info! Just wondering if anyone could recommend what excursions to do in the Mayan Riviera. Our wedding is at the Now Jade April 23, 2013 and I am trying to decide what things to do while we are there. Besides our wedding of course! There is soooo much to do its a little overwhelming! I have reserved a spot to go to the "Jungle Place" to hang out with the rescued spider monkeys already. And of course the ruins will be on our list. But if anyone could definitely recommend a tour or place thats a must see and do I would appreciate it! And should one book these things prior to arriving at your resort or can you just book while you are there? We have a daughter who will be 4 at the time of travel so kid friendly recommendations would be helpful! Thanks! Michelle
  9. I too am having issues with DW. My TA is Ashley and she seems super nice and very easy to talk to but my god, slow to respond! To emails and phone calls. And not just me but all of my guests too. Having said that, this so far, is my only big complaint. I do hope that nothing huge happens to make my experience with them worse! I am a little concerned that with her being so slow that she won't get our travel documents sorted in time! And how does that work anyway? Do they email your tickets to you for the flight? Might as well ask on here as I will probably get a response quicker!!
  10. My hubby and I are from Squamish, BC and we hired a marriage commissioner and got legally wed down by the river very near our house! Our big symbolic ceremony is going to be in the Mayan Riviera this April. I just googled marriage commissioners for this area and picked one! It was actually a really beautiful day and very special considering we didn't put too much thought it into it as it was just to get things done legally. I ended up getting a simple white dress from Sears for $60 and picked up a bouquet and a few gerber daisies for my daughter to carry. Also a girlfriend of mine came down and took some fantastic pics of us too! Then after it was all said and done we cracked some drinks from the cooler we brought down! My hubby's parents cannot come to our Mexico wedding but they were there for our legal one so that was nice to have them included in some way. Cannot wait for the next wedding though!!! He's so nice, I'm going to marry him twice!
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