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  1. https://m.facebook.com/jaimeeweiss4?v=photos&psm=default&album=a.10100284771093525.1073741826.28402773&ref=bookmark&__user=28402773 That link should take you to my Dreams photo album - to accompany my review above - again - beautiful resort - just not what we want for our wedding
  2. Ok so I just got home tonight from my week long stay at dreams. We have chosen to not do the wedding there, but I will say the resort is beautiful and excellent. Here's a quick review of some categories and why we didn't end up choosing it: Airport: Customs took forever and absolutely set up transportation before going - we didn't - later found out its a private airport with private cab companies - cost us $70 US to get to the resort 20 minutes away!! Scenery: The hotel is gorgeous, it really is. The lobby is gorgeous, although still pretty hot at night - but there's always something going on. The pools are beautiful as well as the beach but don't bother snorkeling there because there's nothing but Seagrass. Our favorite was the infinity pool - we loved it - and we loved barracuda bar - spent an entire day there lol. The beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand. We were always able to find a chair. Room: We had a preferred king ocean view room - and the views were amazing. Room 1212 - water out of the right sink smelled like farts lol so we didn't use it - but otherwise the room was beautiful. They did not refill our mini bar most days and we had to call to get stuff - make sure to bring tip $ for everything! But the room was always clean - make sure to keep windows and doors closed or else the air won't work - it also turns off after you leave the room. Food: I was not a fan of breakfast - anywhere - preferred club, world buffet or room service - but we never tried oceana for breakfast and regret it. We ate lunch at the pool (good), oceana (excellent), and room service (excellent - grilled shrimp in garlic and butter and chicken fajitas were our favorite). We ate dinner at oceana (best soft shell crab I've ever eaten, my fiancé didn't like the clams and linguine), seaside grill (excellent steaks), himitsu (excellent food! Try the himitsu roll - sushi), el patio (loved the tacos and chicken poblano, mariachi band is great), and bordeaux (my fiancé loved the escargots) - we didn't eat at portofino. The coffee shop is great and has different pastries at different times of the day. Staff: Everyone was very nice - it would've been helpful if we spoke Spanish but most everyone spoke enough English to get by. Miguel at AM Services desk was great - we did two excursions (whale shark experience ans selvatica: tarzania) and he really hooked us up! No one ever has change - especially for 100s or 50s. The lobby store never has change - only in pesos. Weddings: I believe they have tons of great amenities - they do a beautiful job with the weddings - the office is beautiful and they really lay out tons of options for you - I'm not sure how much further back I read that they're short staffed - but there were at least 7 employees working in there - so really no reason for such delayed responses with emails. We saw one ceremony and one reception while there - but more happened - the ceremony was at the gazebo at 5:30 and I mean it was extremely public - I was in the infinity pool and moved to barracuda bar during the ceremony - everyone stopped to watch - that's not something we want. We saw a cocktail hour & reception on the pool deck last night - we felt bad for them - because people were eating dinner at oceana like 5 feet away from the reception and there was a theme night going on at the pool terrace and the music was so loud it drowned out all the music from the wedding. (We watched from our balcony). This is the only reason we are not going with dreams - we want a more private ceremony and reception and because the resort is small and there are constant activities (both pluses when not getting married there) there really isn't much privacy. We went with Occidental Grand Xcaret - it's about 40 minutes south of dreams - and while the website really doesn't do it justice - it was amazing and everything will be nice and private, exactly how we want it! We knew someone that went there before and checked it out based on that and fell in love! I will post my album of dreams photos on Facebook and make it public and share it on here once I get it up sometime this week. Feel free to ask any questions (soon because I just got home so it's all right in my mind lol) - spaces, distances between things, etc. Hoped that helped ladies!
  3. Hi ladies! I'm currently in Riviera Maya doing site visits. We were originally dead set on Dreams Riviera Cancun but after seeing the Occidental yesterday we believe we're going that way and most likely going back for a food tasting before we head back to NY. I'd love to share emails with any OGX brides to chat about our upcoming weddings!! We're getting married August 2, 2014 - please pm me! :-D (I will post tons of pictures I took at the breathtaking OGX when I get back to NY)
  4. Currently here!! Got here earlier today - meeting with Claudia on Wednesday - if anyone has any questions they want answered or pictures of places let me know and I'll happily share! Anyone on here the brides for this week? There are apparently several weddings and we plan on checking one or two out! If the bride from SI is on here - my fiancé knows your fiancé and I hear you're getting here tomorrow!
  5. Ok reading through lots of older posts answered a lot of my questions - I also see how they have severe communication/switching wedding planners issues! Some more questions: - Anyone know if they can accommodate a guest with a peanut allergy? Our daughter is highly allergic so we'd like everything to be peanut free. - Anyone know if they normally give a reduced rate for site visits? I was thinking of using this as a possible bargaining chip next week for a room upgrade lol but if they don't normally do it then that won't work lol
  6. I wouldn't wait for the dress unless you want to go off the rack - they told me to guarantee I have the dress and time for fittings and alterations by July 20th I have to order a dress by the end of August!! Haha and yea I just look at shit - are you looking at other places while down there? We're staying at Dreams but checking out Occidental - 2 in 1 lol I feel like I should have more done - but I don't lol
  7. Any other August 2014 brides out there? Getting married August 2, 2014 at either Dreams Riviera Cancun or Occidental Grand XCaret! Site visits next week! :-D
  8. Haha teacher here too - but my fiancé and I have a 2.5 year old so my summer is quite busy - but I leave for a site visit/vacation on Monday! We're August 2, 2014 at either dreams riviera Cancun or occidental grand XCaret! So far I have... - tried on dresses - looked at tons of shit and made lists and noted websites lol
  9. Ok posted a whole long thing before and it never posted! Lol hi names Jaimee - I'm new here! Actually heading to DRC on Monday for a site visit and have a meeting with Claudia on Wed to check out stuff and put down our deposit. She's already put us down for an August 2, 2014 wedding. I have some questions that I'm hoping you very knowledgeable ladies can help me out with. I LOVE reading all the posts and seeing all the pictures! - What does the ceremony/reception on the beach look like? - Is the pool deck the optimum spot for reception? How many people do you need? - How many people can you fit into the seaside grill for reception? - Do they allow use of the Chinese wish lanterns? (The ones that float into the sky - we found biodegradable ones but I know other resorts are iffy on it because of fire hazard) - What's the differences between the silver and gold menu? - Do they give good group rates for rooms if I'm bringing a lot of people or better through a travel agent? - How often do you communicate with your coordinator? Is it often or rarely until the date is close? - Anyone ship stuff down there? Experience? SIL had a bad experience shipping stuff to Aruba for her wedding. Thanks so much!! I'm sure ill have 8 million more questions!!
  10. Hi everyone! I'm new here - heading to Dreams on Monday for a site visit - although I haven't put down my deposit yet as we're going to check out the occidental grand xcaret as well but DRC is our top contender. I'm meeting with Claudia next Wednesday - great to read all the tips you guys have on here! If anyone can answer any of these questions, I'd truly appreciate it! - What does the reception and ceremony look like on the beach? Anyone have pictures? - Will they let you send off Chinese Wish Lanterns? (heard some resorts say no because of fire hazard) - What does the reception look like on the pool deck? Is it private? - Differences between gold and silver menus? Claudia wrote me down for August 2, 2014 - anyone else get married there in August? How's the weather?? Thanks in advance!! Congrats to all this weekends brides - see ya Monday
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