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  1. I think you are better off opening a new bank account and putting the money aside in that account so that you have the full payment ready by the time the wedding comes. BBPD is pretty rigid when it comes to rules and policies, so in my experience, they don't handle special considerations or circumstances outside their rulebook well.
  2. Call Issac (the Jellyfish contact) at 954-2815592 ext 1. Or you can call the restaurant directly at 809-868-3040. The owner (Gabriel) almost always answers the line. Have you sent an e-mail to jellyfishrestaurant@@gmail.com yet? We are having our wedding there in 9 days and they have been VERY responsive with us ever since we first found out about this fiasco. Mayte is trying to bring you over to one of her restaurants, so if you are looking to leave Jellyfish, you should call and e-mail her asap. If you think you want to stay at jellyfish, make sure you call/email them to get and stay on their radar.
  3. I don't know about the flowers, but it seems that everyone seems to reccomend Rick York for english language ceremonies. You can find his e-mail on the facebook group. When he is not available, there is another guy that people use. If you are just doing symbolic ceremony however, anybody can officiate. My step-father will be officiating our ceremony.
  4. Its just for the restaurant. Jellyfish is on a public beach so they can't really kick people off of it. Although, some of the restaurant is located on sand - so they would be able to do crowd control on that part of the property.
  5. Just heard back from the resort. No animals of any kind, even service animals, are allowed on resort. bummer.
  6. Hey all, I'm getting married off-resort, but my FI and I decided to have all of our guests stay at BBPD. Our big day is on May 24 and we are so pumped! I have a quick question that i have been having trouble getting answered from BBPD and was wondering if any of you knew the answer. My parents have a small (about 10lb) service dog. I imagine pets are not allowed on the resort, but does any one know the policy for service animals? or do you have suggestions on who I can contact for an answer? thanks!
  7. When my fiance and I first got engaged, I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning thing, so he initiated our wedding research. He also read through most of this forum and mentioned to me one day, "Babe, its just me and the brides out there!" It's one of my favorite quotes from this entire wedding planning process. I'm pretty sure you are not the only groom though... just one of the first to post as there are a ton of lurkers. The only e-mail we have for Mayte is the jellyfishenterprise one. If you decide to visit Jellyfish before your wedding and let her know in an e-mail, she will respond and set up a time to meet you. Other than that, she will likely only write you if you wedding is on the horizon. AR- dream wedding's outline is a great starting point for your preparation with mayte. I would say it has even more details than you need for a first conversation. As long as you have a vision, she'll be able to take that, add to it, and make it come alive for the actual wedding day. Congrats and welcome!
  8. There was a guy on the facebook group (from Jellyfish) that was responding to Bridal concerns right after Mayte's tragedy. Perhaps contact him?
  9. When I visited the JF, mayte gave me a quote, but it was literally the same #s as are seen in the price list multiplied by the number of people we thought we would have, so if you have the pricelist, you should pop some of those numbers in Excel and you will have a great idea of the costs.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mroesler Hello Ladies, Do any of you know if Jellyfish charges a vendor fees? I am thinking of using Katya as our photgrapher, so I just want to know if I need to budget in the vendor fee or not. Thanks a bunch. No vendor fees at Jellyfish. Especially not with Katya, she practically owns the wedding photography business at Jellyfish. Lots of the brides seem to go with her.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Dania97 Hello everyone! I am planing a wedding for March 2015 at the Jellyfish. I wanted to know if anyone has been able to negotiate their overall pricing at this venue? I've been able to negotiate with photographers as well as videographers but wanted to see if it would be possible at the Jellyfish as well. If so, did you speak with Mayte or the restaurant manager? What were you able to negotiate exactly? We're on a tight budget and anything we can save is a big help! I think you should definitely try to negotiate - I mean when it has to do with weddings, you have to try. The jellyfish has so much demand you may not get a crazy discount in terms of dollars, but I would be surprised if you weren't able to work something out in terms of value/services. Every wedding vendor I have spoken to was willing to work compromise there.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Dania97 I do have another question for the group. Has anyone else had any issues communicating with Mayte? It seems when you ask her two or three questions she may answer one of your questions in one sentence and leaves the rest unanswered...lol. I understand she's amazing and will make things work somehow but I would like to know that what I want as far as decor is possible or any other questions I may have. I would rather write one email with all my concerns in hopes to get a long reply back that way I won't have to bother her as often. I heard a while back of a spreadsheet that was going around and it seemed rather helpful to communicate all concerns to Mayte. Can someone forward this to me? Or recommend the best way to get all my answers from Mayte? My email is Daniaterronwedding@gmail.com Just from reading this forum over the last year, it sounds like this is Mayte's way of handling all of the e-mails she gets (even before she had her recent tragedy). From what others have posted it sounds like she reads your entire e-mail, but will probably only answer the 1 or 2 questions that are easy to respond to. Later, when you meet her in person, she will have a folder with all of the communication between you and her. I don't know if she is taking calls, but if you are able to get her on the phone, you will probably be able to have her answer all of your questions.
  13. AR-Dreamwedding, Your invites sounds SOO cool! I'm sure they got everyone geared up and excited to go. I espescially love the RSVP card! Awesome! We decided to go digital with the invites so we did a Save the Date video and are going to send e-vites with our website. It's saving some money, but much more time consuming than I thought.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jandl2013 Hello fellow past and future brides. I'm a bit late posting this but better late than never! My fh and I had or tasting at Jellyfish on September 14th during our site visit at Iberostar that weekend. Mayte, as you all may know, was not there but her assistant Raluca was there to go over everything with my fh and I. Raluca was great...she was very nice and very professional. She took us on the tour and went over everything with us. This was the BEST tasting ever! We were able to pick out the potential drinks and menu for our cocktail hour and reception dinner. They made everything, and let me just say the food was wonderful! There was one pasta dish my fh and I weren't too excited about considering our families tastebuds and we were able to change it and then that new dish was made for us. The level of service and the quality of the food was definitely great. The service, view of the beach, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was definitely way better than what we would have had at the resort so we are VERY happy and looking forward to the wedding day. I'm happy my fh was finally able to actually see the vision we talked about because he is now VERY excited and actually told me "Babe, you did real good" once we were there! SUCCESS!! We have sent out the save the dates, (i'm going to post them in another thread soon) and the invitations will go out very soon. We have quite a few family members and friends that are saying they are coming, but we'll see once the dust clears! We could have anywhere between 35 to just short of 100 people. I'm still working on the photographer, but our videographer is all set! We can't wait to have our Jellyfish wedding next May! This is great news! Thanks for posting! I'm especially relieved since we are on a similar timeline. My wedding is the day after yours.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Madso Hey ladies, Did anyone who stood or is planning to stay at the paradisus Palma real have issues receiving group rates. I was waiting on the room block contract and suddenly Cecilia hits me with "we changed policies and the romance department is no longer able to give group rates to offsite weddings".... You should try contacting the "groups" department or go through a travel agent. When I was talking directly to the hotels, none of the romance departments were interested in helping me, since our wedding is off-site, but the groups peopel were helpful. I would hope that the groups department has similar rates as romance.
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