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  1. Hi, ladys Im getting married at Melia Caribe Jan 2 2014 and a bit confused with the packages . I was Leaning towards the Tides cause our group is not that big . But does that mean that i wont get a first dance? If thats the case ill have to get the private venue but with only 15 people I didnt think it would be necessary.? Help
  2. Hello ladys , anyone getting married at Melia Caribe Jan.2014
  3. If you go for the Tides package is ther ea chance for a first dance since the venue isnt private ?
  4. Hello, im getting Married Jan 2 2014 and im trying to figure out what package to choice . im leaning towards the tides but since its not a private venue would there be a chance to have our 1st dance ? If we getting more guests i will upgrade te TFT but with only about 20 confirmed i think it might not be necessary! what kind of decor is included in this package ? Please Help !!
  5. hello, im think of getting the tides package, but im wooried that i wont have the chance to have a 1st dance since since the reception is not private. Has anyone done this ? How would it work ?
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