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  1. Yes it is from tigard did u get this same one? If so what undergarments did u use? I'm having trouble with something giving me good book support :/
  2. Went in for my first dress fitting this weekend, I just am in love with this dress...has to be taken in and have to find the right bra for it due to the back being so low, but I cannot wait to see it when its all said and done
  3. yes I'm stubborn but thought what the heck.. I'm so glad I did
  4. When wedding dress shopping I knew what I was looking for (sweatheart strapless lace trumpet style dress)...so I thought! My maid of honor forced me to try on this Allure 8856 even though I made it clear to everyone, NO STRAPS!! After trying the dress on, that was it I fell in love! This Allure gown fit me to the T and hugged me in the right places, even my hips which look fabulous in the dress. I cannot wait for the dress to arrive and will post pics with me in it
  5. Hi, I met with the flourist on our sight visit and I showed him pictures of what I wanted..he emailed me within a few days of a quote for around $2,000. This includes my boquet, bridesmaid boquet, aisle peddals, Parmanders that I am using during my ceremony and then ursing them as my center peaces on the tables Hope this helps.
  6. Hello, I also went with suzanne and just booked her this week. She is spendy, but its a special day so why not splurge Here is the email address I have been communicating through...let me know if it worked weddings@suzannemorel.com
  7. Finally found my gown by Allure and I am in love with it. Dress comes in in 3 months so I still have some time to lose a few more inches and tone. Cannot waitfor my fiance to see it on our wwedding day
  8. Hi, sorry its taken so long to respond..been extremely busy with school, but almost done so I can put all my focus into this wedding this summer phew!!! Our sigh visit was amazing, the ladies in the wedding department were phenomenol to work with and treated us so well when we were there. I chose the grassy area before I even did the sight visit due to wanting more color in pictures and if you look at their melia cabo real wedding facebook page, the pictures look amazing and the water is in the background. When we did our sight visit, it just confirmed to me that I made the right choice. We walked down to the wedding spot on the meach and its so far from the water and the its a little distance for the bride to also walk to get the the "hoopa" as they call it. If it was right by the water, I might of picked the beach. So im going to give you the run down of what we did on the sight visit. We were only there 3 nights, so the first nigh which was Fridayt we got there we met with our wedding planner and she gave us a tour and showed us the 3 different areas for the reception areas, also set us up to meet with the minister and with the flower vendor and decor vendor for the next day. Saturday we met with the minister that came to our resort, which I thought was really nice..anyhow he gave us a quick rundown of the ceremony process, and gave us some ideas to think about, we ended up hiring him because he was really down to earth and told us we can pick whatever we wanted for the ceremony. Next, the flower guys came (I forgot his name ) and I showed him the colors I was doing and what I wanted my "hoopa" to look like, as well as the flower arrangement for me, my bridesmaids and ceremony runway and reception flowers. He was really great and not even a day after we return that he already emailed me and we have been working online on..very good at returning emails. After that appointement we got picked up by a decor vendor and our wedding planner came with, so we went to this warehouse where they had everything you could think of. We don't want to go all out on decor, I think the flowers and beach, palm trees will add a lot, so we just picket out the style of chairs (tiffany chairs), table runners, Chair ties, etc. pretty much all of Saturday entailed meetings. Sunday evening they took us to the El Terraz restaraunt on the resort and we had food tasting and each got a tier of a cake to try...it was Phenomenal, both food and desert. After sunday we enjoyed all day monday in the water getting some sun. As far as the resort goes, it is AMAZING!! The hilton is right next door and very fancy but we like more of a laid back atmosphere, and that is exactly what we got at the Melia. The rooms are a little outdated, but really who vacations in their room? We only were in our room to sleep.lol. We did get a tour of the master suite which is facing the beach and 1000 sq feet. Its amazing, and only 3 of them. We made sure to book it for the night before the wedding and the night of. It is 650/night, but its important to me to have a phenomenal room to get ready in with all my girls. If you talk to the wedding planners and you have a group booking at the melia, maybe they can workout a deal with the resort to give you a discount. They did email me a discount contract for that room, but because I was so busy with school I didn't respond in time, so it expired :/ but thats ok.hmmm what else to think of, oh the food and drinks are amazing at all the restaraunts, lobby bar is open at night with nice lounge seats, pool activities throughout the day, the beach is sort of swimmable but not for children, service was phenomenal by every staff memeber. Oh one more thing, they have this huge fire pit with lounge seating in the middle of the resort garden, its beautiful so we are doing a rehersal dinner by it and the fire pit is for us right after dinner. Anyhow, let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you, I am happy I went because I get easily stressed out, but most of the things we did you can easily do over email. I will try to post some pics soon as I can so you can see what the resort area looks like. Hope your wedding planning is going smoothly
  9. Just returned from our site visit at the Melia Cabo Real and boy was it amazing. Yes, its not your 5 star resort... but I travel often and I would chose Melia over any resort there is. The staff, food, pool, beach, activities, nightlife was amazing. The wedding staff if so amazing to work with, they set me up with a flower & decor vendors that we met with and it was such a great experience! They listened to my ideas and put together everything I invisioned for our day in December. We also got to taste all the food and cakes so we could chose what we wanted for our wedding day and we were not dissapointed at all. The drinks at the melia are amazing also We got to tour the master suite and boy was it amazing..we are definitely going to rent it out the night before our wedding and the night of. I spoke to many tourists at the melia and everyone only had good things to say. A lot of people said they hae stayed at the RIU and hated it and that it was nothing compared to Melia. Hope this helps do not hesitate to ask me questions I would be happy to answer them!! Cannot wait until our big day!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hello, im actually flying put tomorrow for a to plan the wedding in person and meet with vendors. I will keep you posted on ideas options when I return.
  11. Your very welcome, I will definitely let you know how the sight visit goes Have you looked at the Melia Cabo Real facebook page yet? So many amazing ideas!!
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