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  1. We just returned from our December 5th wedding at NOW Sapphire. One of our best wedding planning decisions was hiring DJ Mannia!!! Carlos did an AMAZING job and kept the dance floor packed from beginning to end. I would absolutely recommend using this company!!!
  2. Snoopy129- What resort are you getting married at? Do they charge an outside vendor/daily guest fee for Adrian to come onsite?
  3. I am getting married at NOW Sapphire 12/5/2013. I would LOVE some feedback on the onsite hair & makeup team!! Thoughts, suggestions, tips, warnings...send them my way, please!!
  4. I'm getting married there in December of this year (12/5/2013). Feel free to send me a private message after that date and I'll fill you in!!
  5. Hey Ladies! Any recommendations of spray tan companies in the Cancun area that would come onsite to our resort?
  6. Would love to see pics! I'm considering using Adrian, as well!
  7. Hi Ladies! Any suggestions on a spray tan vendor in the Cancun area that will come onsite to NOW Sapphire resort prior to the wedding for spray tans?
  8. Leigh3124, Thanks for all of the great information! I'm getting married at NOW this December and starting to get all of our details together. I'm working with wedding planner, Anel. After reading your input, I wish I had Ramon! Did you find that communicating prior to the wedding was slow and difficult? In regards to your chair bows, you said Ramon didn't charge you to put them on - that's awesome! Did you find they were somewhat flexible in terms of negotiating for some of those smaller charge items? Last question: did you use the onsite salon for hair & makeup? If so, I would LOVE some feedback! Thanks! eb
  9. Thanks for the reply! Have you seen NOW Sapphire waive that fee for any brides, if there group is big enough?
  10. Hi fellow brides! Has anyone used Mannia Cancun DJ services at NOW Sapphire? We are ready to sign up with them, but Anel at NOW is telling us it's a $300 vendor fee for them to come in. Just curious if anyone has had luck getting NOW to waive fees if your group was big enough. Help!!
  11. Hi! I have some wedding questions - would you be willing to give me some input?
  12. Hi All! We are considering a December 2013 wedding at HRPC. We stayed there this past December and fell in love with it. I have some questions I would love some direction on: 1) Do the receptions include food? If so, do you get to choose sit-down dinner vs. buffet? 2) Music - what are recommendations for music during the cocktail hour and reception? We're looking for a fun, dance atmosphere! 3) If you don't pay the $300/table for the reception, what do the tables look like? 4) I was thinking the Isla Gazebo for the ceremony; Eden Pool for cocktail hour; and rooftop terrace above Isla for the reception. Feedback on those locations? 5) Katya Nova - what is pricing for her packages? Any other feedback and suggestions would be great. Thanks!!
  13. Hi! I'm hoping you can give me some direction on a Hard Rock PC wedding. We stayed there this past December (2012) and LOVED the resort. Tons to do nightlife-wise compared to the other all-inclusive resorts I've visited! We're thinking that is where we would like to get married this coming December, 2013!! I have some questions I would love to get your feedback on, if you're up for it?!?
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