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  1. I mostly eat healthy, but for the 2 weeks before my wedding I did a protein and salad diet, it is a little bit hard, but for people like me who hates working out and doesn't have a lot of time worked really well! Only days diet work for me, specially now! Morning: 1 protein shake + 1 tip of peanut butter lunch: 1 salad very low fat low calorie dressing Afternoon: 1 shake + 1 tbs peanut butter dinner: 1 hige fiber salad( exemplo brocoli and chicken) Before bed: 1 shake Plus I drank tea all day! Brazilian Slimming tea from amazon
  2. I started my diet on June and my wedding was in October! I did the pre-modeling diet and drank tea! im so happy i got to my ideal weight! here is the website! http://brazilianslimmingtea.com/ And here is the diet: http://brazilianslimmingtea.com/blog/official-brazilian-slimming-tea-diet.html#.Up34CMRDv24
  3. J0hanna I had the same doubt, i think that it depends on how many guests you have. I first had a resort because i thought it would be easier and more affordable. When I set and did my math i saw that maybe not, and decide for the venue that got my heart in the first place! Sunset Da Monalisa. I canceled my resort date, got a large villa and everybody loved the idea. I planned it all! very easy with the help of this forum!!
  4. Flo, thank you!!!! I ended up not using a florist at all, for that price of a florist i decided to book those lovely mariachi boys, and i do no regret. I got my bouquet and all accessorizes on etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/VioGemini Cada Dorada sounds great! Good luck with you wedding
  5. I just want to leave a note for the brides that dream of pretty pictures but dont want to splurge on the pictures budget. Dont believe that you wont get good pictures if you dont spend 5k on a photographer! More is not always better! There are many options of good photographers in Cabo for every budget! But what we see from here of course is more expensive. I believe that having a photographer is a very important part of a wedding, you need a good and reliable one. But good and reliable doesnt mean you have to spend an absurd amount. That is what I believe. I found many good phot
  6. Cabo Berry Starts at 350 an hour, depends on how many you want. They are great! I totally loved them! Their aperance made everybody melt! Totally worth it!
  7. Hi guys! I just posted my wedding review! it covers some questions here! Thank you for all former brides that helped me to organize my wedding, it was nothing but perfect! I was going to get married in all inclusive resort, but I had to change the plans! Doing it on a restaurant was a great idea! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/87789/just-got-back-from-cabo-sunset-monalisa-wedding#post_1959551
  8. I went to costco and everything was the same as in the US. Besides foodn I was looking for flowers, the flowers were really bad and seemed to be old. They had the same flowers for the whole week. So I gave up! Evertyhing else is great!
  9. Thank you! My dress stopped the party! After the ceremony and beach pictures we took the mermaid tail out and went party It was custom made by viogemini.com
  10. I would like to say thank you to all of you girls who have posted here and helped me plan my wedding! I want to contribute to the forum as well! I started planning my wedding on January 2013 and just got married last October 25th at Sunset Monalisa Here is who I used: Venue: Sunset Da Mona Lisa A++++++++ The venue is beautiful, the food is amazing, David ( the event manager ) is an angel and helped me a lot. Photographer: www.caboyo.com Carlos Aboyos A++++ Carlos is very reasonable, flexible and talented. He arrived on time and made such a difference! The pictures are
  11. Hi Johanna, I sent them many emails and did not get back from them at all! Im doing it on Melia... But Dreams has a nicer package that included the pictures, and I really wanted that. Ho Well it is all good Im bringing my photographer now. I have many photographer friends so it is not as a big of a deal!
  12. Pucca, Lovely pictures! Im getting married at Melia, but doing it at a restaurant sounds really easy going! Do you have the prices for the mama Mia restaurant? How does it work to set up the wedding on the beach? I loved your wedding congrats
  13. My wedding day october 26! Yes the package is pretty good! Nice to have you guys getting married there too! We can exchange a lot of information! Im on their page! Love looking at it!
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