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  1. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has used Blue Lens Caribe as your wedding photographer? Good or bad reviews would be helpful. Thanks
  2. Hey Jenny, I was looking through your wedding photos! So pretty!!! It looked like an amazing day! I was just wondering how you made the foot jewellry? How much was it? Was the beach soft enough to not hurt the girls feet walking around in them? I was going to give something like that as a gift but I'm wondering if I should also purchase shoes for them to wear in the palapa. Any advice? Thanks Amanda
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I think we are going to go with Dean Sanderson or Blue Caribe Lens. I think we are leaning towards Blue Lens Caribe right now but we're not sure. Has anyone got any deals for videographer and photographer together?
  4. Does anyone know if the $300 US Resort fee for hiring an outside photographer is per person or just a single charge? Example if you have two photographers is it $300 each?
  5. Hi Everyone, It's been awhile since I have been on here but the big day is getting closer and closer so we are finalizing some details!! Love this forum you other brides are so helpful!! I was just wondering if anyone has used the resort photographer? We have a name Jorge Contreras but I can't find anything online about him or any photographs showing his work. Yikes!! Are most of you other brides hiring someone off the resort? Have you mananged to get a decent rate? Any help would be great! Talk soon! Amanda
  6. So we finally got everything confirmed. I got the receipt the other day and she also sent me a list of all the details that I will need to fill out three months prior to our wedding date! Janelle - Maybe we will end up running into each other! We will be arriving on April 7th (the Monday) not sure if you will still be there or not. Have you got your dress yet? Jho - That's awesome that they have connecting suites. I had asked my travel agent about these and she said that you can't book them but that you can ask for an upgrade when you are there?!? Not sure why you can't request them. We opted for two junior suite rooms instead. Your date is coming up soon!! Do you feel like you have everything ready? Are you bringing centerpieces or any favours?
  7. Hello Everyone! I have been reading this thread from start to finish and it has been so helpful you have no idea!! Thank-you to all the past brides for posting such detailed reviews!! They have been amazing, it is so nice to just be able to read through the posts instead of emailing the WC's every single question. Plus it's great hearing everyone's experiences! We are booked to get married April 10th 2014. We gave our deposit about a week ago through our travel agent and I haven't heard a confirmation yet but I really hope that we get the date. We were originally booked at the Grand Palladium however we weren't able to get a wedding date so we had to move everyone to this resort!! Huge headache but after seeing the beautiful photos of the palapa location, I'm starting to think that everything happens for a reason! We will be booking the Presidential wedding package. It looks like the best bang for your buck and I'm hoping that we can upgrade to a connecting suite as we will be bringing my future step children. Would be very nice to have the connecting suite for us. But that is all just wishful thinking! lol Anyway, Can't wait to get to know all you brides!!
  8. Hello everyone!! Thanks for the feedback. Yah I think we are leaning towards the vow renewal as well just to make it easier for us. So that leads to my next question!! lol Are you telling your guests that this is actually a vow renewal?? Will they know that you are getting married before hand, and do you think that people would be offended that they spent all that money and then you were married before? I'm personally worried about telling my mom, not sure how she will respond. Everything looks so beautiful I can't wait!!! Are any of you guys doing the private beach bash??
  9. Hi Everyone, I am new to this website and this thread but have been browsing through all the wonderful information on this site!!! So great!! We are planning a wedding for April 2014. We have not been confirmed a date yet and were asked last week to confirm which package we would like. Is anyone else in the same stages? Or getting married the week of April 6th 2014? We are having a hard time deciding which package to go with and if we should get married before hand and just do a vow renewal instead. How did everyone else decide this? Does anyone know how the packages work for the vow renewal? Do you only have the one option from 2013, or can you pick any of the other packages that are listed for 2014? We also are arriving on the Friday which means that we can't get married until the Thursday, but if we did a vow renewal we could get married earlier in the week. Oh decisions ... decisions!! Can't wait to hear from you guys!! Amanda
  10. Hi Everyone, So excited to be finally planning our destination wedding!!! We will be getting married at the Grand Palladium Kantenah in the Mayan Riviera April 2014. We haven't confirmed our date yet with the resort but we are hoping to hear back next week from our travel agent. Just wondering if their are any other brides that are getting married there? Or that are a little bit further in the process. I would love to hear from all of you and look forward to shooting some great ideas off one another. Thanks and happy planning!! Amanda
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