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  1. Hi Ladies Does anyone have the set menu's for 2013. I leave in 6 days and just wondering what we are looking at for dinner options. Thanks in advance
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by staceydale Happy Wedding Month Ladies!! Quote: Originally Posted by MelB2012 You too! We leave 1 week from tomorrow. It still doesn't feel real. Happy Wedding Month to all you Ladies as well... Two Weeks today and I will be Married!
  3. I ordered my dress from Outerinner.com and couldn't be happier.. The dress is so much more I could ask for. I would highly recommend checking out there website. I ordered my dress and it was at my door in exactly two weeks. This company custom makes all there dresses. It cost me 215$ which included the cost of the dress, shipping and customs. I am so happy with it! the picture from the website The actual dress - so much prettier with all the beading (which was completely unexpected)
  4. I ordered my dress from Outerinner.com and could not be any happier with the dress I received. I paid 215$ with taxes, shipping and customs. I also ordered it and received it within 2 weeks of placing the order. All dress are custom made. Above - picture of dress from website actual dress look at all the beading - defiantly did not expect it.
  5. I was just noticing we are all getting married within a week of each other. I can't believe how quick it's coming up!
  6. Hi Ladies Wondering what you girls are all doing for wedding favors? I can't seem to be able to decide what to do.. Also any good idea's for bridal party gifts? I'm completely at a loss right now as what to get.. Thanks
  7. Hi MelB What time are you getting Married on the 15th? I will also be getting married that day. We are currently booked at 2pm. Have you had much luck with corresponding with the wedding coordinators? I found out the other day the resort does not offer steaming for wedding dresses
  8. Hi Ladies Looks like I will also be there at the same time as you. I am currently booked for Friday November 15th at 2pm.. Time sure seems to be flying quickly.. Are you girls prepared?
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