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  1. CONGRATS!! I got married there 10.20.13, and it was absolutely perfect. There are a couple choices of where to get married, the lawn, the beach, and the terrace. We chose the lawn, because I really wanted to be surrounded by greenery. There are no existing structures on the beach or lawn; we did a bamboo structure with orange fabric. There is a little gazebo on the terrace, which is gorgeous and has a lovely ocean view. We didn't use that, though, because that's where we had our reception so we wanted to use more than one location. We did our rehearsal dinner on the beach with tiki torches. I wore flip flops! So can't say what it might be like walking on sand in heels. They can do a grass mat in the aisle which might help? We did a reception because we wanted to dance and have a private dinner for the group, but I'd say if that's not a priority for you guys, would be fine to just go to a restaurant to eat. It's your day! Let me know if you have other questions, I'm happy to share my experience at the fabulous BOR! We used the resort photographer, and were very happy with our photos though we definitely don't have any of the cool, artsy kinds of photos that I do see. Here are some, in case you're interested.....
  2. I just got back from my incredible weddingmoon at Beaches Ocho Rios! I know it was a little frustrating during my wedding planning not to see a whole lot of pictures of actual weddings there, so for anyone who's interested -- here are a couple of mine (taken by the wonderful & friendly resort photographer!). Anyone who has questions -- feel free to message me (or ask here).
  3. Now that you've had your wedding, can you tell me how everyone knew where to go when? I'm kind of freaking out about this too... Thank you!
  4. My fiance and I have you beat -- we celebrate our 9 year anniversary in three weeks and we get married in 3 months!
  5. Anyone find any real weddings pictures at this resort? That's what I'd like to see!
  6. Hi lovely Jamaica brides! I am in the same position you all were in a few years ago... getting married 10.20.13 in Ocho Rios, and a teeny bit worried. How did your wedding weather turn out?
  7. Hi Everyone! I am not an Oct 2011 Jamaica bride... but am an Oct 2013 Jamaica bride! If anyone could give me insights into what their weather was like, it would be much appreciated!
  8. Hi - I don't have a documents question, but I am getting married in Jamaica on your anniversary this year - 10.20.13 I am wondering what your weather was like? I know it's a rainy time there... Thanks!
  9. I am getting married there October 2013... so far, we have our room, wedding date, and time booked. I have a phone app't in two weeks to discuss wedding options, and we're pretty sure we have everything picked out. I do have lots of questions though! I would love to hear advice and your experiences!
  10. Search Beaches Boscobel... that's what it used to be called. I am a Beaches Ocho Rios bride too! Getting married this Oct!
  11. How do you go about getting in touch with a TA? I am getting married at Beaches Ocho Rios this October!
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