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  1. Lol! @@kmk2016 I totally hear you... It was honestly a last minute decision. I just kept thinking about how beautiful the ceremony pictures would look (which was most important to me) so I decided to splurge on the package. However, I brought the majority of my reception decorations down with me (chair sashes, paper lanterns, string lights, etc.) which helped me justify spending the money a little bit! Lol Oh, and @@CharBec - I found these professional pictures too which show the entire setup! Obviously, the sun was setting in these pictures so the colors are still appearing a bit darker but in the sunlight they are much more sheer.
  2. Hi @@CharBec! I absolutely LOVED everything about the Pure Glamour package, which I purchased for the ceremony only. My mom told me afterwards that so many people came up to her and said it was the most gorgeous beach wedding ceremony they've ever seen... That made me feel SO happy!! Lol The colors are very light/ sheer shades of lilac and pinks.. I think it looked fabulous! And yes, I did have the option to interchange different elements from other memorable moments collections. However, Azul did such an amazing coordinating the decor for this package that I wouldn't even change a thing If you look in my gallery, I have some pictures of the ceremony setup but they are VERY dark (those are not my professional photos). I've attached a few of my professional pictures here for you. I'll try to add some more to my gallery as well! Also keep in mind, our ceremony was at 4pm in February, and the sun was setting at that time so even the professional ones look a bit dark... BUT I can assure you the colors were beautiful and definitely not brown! Lol Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. Thank you! A friend of mine does airbrush makeup so she offered to do it for me! However, I did get a mani/ pedi from the salon which was great but SO expensive, and it ended up chipping after 1 day. That was my only complaint
  4. @@atyson03 Yes, we just got married this past February 2014. Glad my experience made you feel better, good luck! @@Kingz85 Congrats, your pictures look beautiful! Brought back some amazing memories. Looks like we had the same minister - she was fabulous
  5. @@atyson03 I totally understand your frustration. We went through the same thing - people canceling and booking last minute. I wouldn't be worried about the rooms selling out though, especially in June. We went in February which is during their busy season and had guests book a room literally the night before! They were able to accommodate everyone with no issues.
  6. @ For the ceremony setup I purchased the 'Pure Glamour' package so all the decor for the gazebo and shade lounge was included. The only items that were not included were the sand ceremony shadow box set, and a sign for the beverage table - I brought that stuff with me. For the cocktail and reception dinner, I brought my own chair sashes as well as some other miscellaneous things. I brought the Mr and Mrs signs as well - I purchased those from a vendor on Etsy. Thank you so much, and congrats on your upcoming wedding! Let me know if I can answer anymore of your questions @@Jennypert We had one table of 9 and everyone was comfortable. I also asked my Miami WC Lynda ahead of time for her opinion, and she said that the round tables are large enough for 9 people, but 10 people would be too much. Also, I would absolutely suggest doing escort cards especially for 42 people. Otherwise, it's just way too confusing for your guests. With a group that large, you need to give them direction.
  7. @BeachBrideToBe I ordered them through my Miami based WC, Lynda. She added them to my detail sheet and the WC Olga who helped me on the day of our wedding brought them out at the end of our reception at Plaza Zavaz as a 'farewell/ send off'. We weren't restricted to any area in particular. I've seen other brides have them on the beach too!
  8. @msuarez There were a bunch of vendors setup at the resort one night. I didn't get a chance to check it out but they may have the dresses you want!
  9. @KTBeach2014 No, you can not bring sparklers on a plane. We got the small sparklers from the resort and they were $1 each. However, do NOT get the small ones - they literally lasted a second which was such a waste although it was pretty funny. I don't remember how much the large ones are but definitely get those!
  10. @Lilgabri03 We ended up spending around $20,000 for everything... from the wedding shoes to the honeymoon! As another bride mentioned, we just kept the thought in mind that to have a wedding at home it would have been triple the cost. For the price we paid we literally got everything we wanted and it was fabulous! I honestly suggest a destination wedding to all my friends, it's really the way to go! A lot of my engaged friends are now planning destinations after seeing ours... SO exciting!!
  11. @CDC-SRW I decided last minute to have programs for our ceremony since they came with our package. We did not have a wedding party either, with the exception of my husbands sisters taking the place of a 'flower girl' and a 'ring bearer'. I searched through this forum as well as other places online for ideas! After it was all said and done I came up a sequence of events for our ceremony programs and they turned out great. There is a picture of our programs in my gallery.
  12. @@Lilgabri03 I would definitely shop around for prices but it also depends on the time of year you choose to get married. We got married in February which is high season, so prices go way up. But even so, the rate I received from my travel agent was $627 per person for 3 nights and each additional night was $186 per person per night. It really wasn't too bad and most of our guests stayed between 4-7 nights. That rate is for a basic room in the family section and our guests rooms were all REALLY nice!! That price of course does not include airfare which is also priced high during February. Hope this helps
  13. Hi! @sheshe0407 that is so exciting your wedding is coming up, and I'm glad my review was helpful for you! You are going to have such an amazing time. I ordered my sparklers through my wedding coordinator. You can't carry sparklers on a plane. If you decide to get the sparklers, make sure you get the big ones! I got the small ones and honestly, I don't even know why they sell them. They literally lasted a second and I was so mad the onsite wedding coordinators did not tell me this beforehand. Good luck! :)

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