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  1. hi!! I think i'm too late on replying to you ..so sorry!! i went away for the weekend so I wasn't able to check. But just to answer your questions; check in was fine...we arrived at around 6pm on a MOnday evening and they had a sign with my last name for our group to check into...It went rather slow due to the fact that there were 26 of us and we all had to fill in some paperwork...but they served us some nice cold drinks so it was alright. We stayed at the 4000 block of rooms (right in front of the lobby conveniently). Restaurants....well the buffets (non a-la-carte) were fine...busy at t
  2. AAAAAAAAAAAANDDD WE'RE BACK FROM DR!! our group was there from nov 4-11 and my hubby and I stayed till the 14th It FLEW by sooooooooooo fast and i'm having major withdrawals now re-living it all by looking at the 700+ pics and videos we have collected from friends and family.....what a great week. I must say...and you have probably read this before...but if you're at the Grand Palladium Punta Cana and you have Carolina...........O-M-G SHE IS AMAZING. I still cannot believe how on-point she is. I dont know how she does it. has multiple weddings per week (and day) and she managed to rem
  3. baaaah....i think i posted my "review" on the wrong forum.....SO SORRY to invade ladies lol how do i delete my post above? over 6 months on this website and I still don't know what I'm doing hahaha
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TealMarie I don't know how you girls are staying so cool. I'm losing my mother freaking mind here. Granted, I was cool up until yesterday when I realized it was 3 weeks until we leave. WhaaAAaa?! I'm starting to make last minute decisions like: We need a welcome dinner; NO slideshow - ain't nobody got time for that; and we NEED a wedding video! So yeah, going bride crazy here. I'm finding it simultaneously entertaining though as in reality I'm really prepared and I know I'm just working myself up because I'm anxious to get married. No card box here and
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe Last time I went to Mexico we had the exact same forecast. It was beautiful the entire week. We had one afternoon where it rained for 20 minutes and that was it. Blue sky all other times. All the best at your wedding, you will have an amazing time regardless!! i've never been to Punta Cana...but from what I've heard, it rains for 5-10 min and then it stops. I just hope that doesn't happen every half hour...cuz that would suck. ESPECIALLY for our pics. I want blue skies and bright sun....no clouds! I'm gonna keep my fingers and toes cros
  6. it shows (on the weather network app) that it's RAINING alllllllll week during our stay in DR next week!!!!!!!!!!... on the day we arrive the POP is 90%!!!!!! and on our wedding day it's 40% POP!!!!!!!!
  7. no card box here....but a million different other things lol *sigh* i hope we don't forget anything! and also I hope we don't go over our luggage weight allowance haha i'm sure this week will fly by. at work i'm somewhat behind and have to leave everything caught up and train someone to do my job....at home i gotta do laundry and pack and also prepare for halloween (my daughter is so excited).....and then the weekend it's last minute things like hair, nails, waxing etc. and then we are off!!
  8. SEVEN days and we are out!! Gosh...I cannot be any more excited...and I'm sure this week will just flyyyy by!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Lydia1120 My wedding co-ordinator just emailed me today as well asking for the Guest List....I sent it to him but mentioned that we still had 4-8 people that were still considering and would be booking last minute, if they go. Like Jolene, I had to have my "group package" paid by August 27th. So I'm with the other ladies...I did not make extra bags for these people but I do however have extra travel mugs and luggage tags, should they decide to come, that's all they're getting. Take a deep breath/sigh and let out the annoying frustrating feelings and rep
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jointurks Here's mine! Haven't decided on sash or no-sash yet ummmmm i second that! say YES to the sash! lol looks lovely!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by TealMarie Awww, I'm glad I could help you feel better. Remember that if you don't get something done, no one will notice it's not there but you and you'll be too busy to notice anyways. I would stop buying stuff for your OOT bags and bring enough for the people you know of now. Tell the other guests (if they do end up making it) that you're sorry you don't have one for them because you finished making them a month ago. Oh well, too bad for them and in the end not a big deal. When do you have to give your caterer final numbers for the wedding? That's what I'd be
  12. ummm i have a (maybe stupid) question lol....i hired a DJ company to play at our beach party.....Do i need a song list for him?? i mean, isn't that what he does....mix and play songs to hype up the party?? i do realize i need to put my CEREMONY song list in order on a USB....but that should be easy as it's only 3-4 songs...and it's only parts of the song that will be playing... but other than that....Would I really need to make a song list and have them on a usb? Wouldn't the dj already kinda know what to play or what not (and I'm sure he'll take requests)?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by TealMarie This is happening to me too. I keep wondering if I "need" this or that. After reading a lot of forums, tips and advice from past brides, most of them wish they hadn't purchased cake knives and unnecessary things like that. You won't remember it and more than likely your resort has one or two floating around that you can use. I talked myself out of aisle decor a long time ago. What I liked the most is the view of the beach and the water, it's already beautiful enough. No sense stressing yourself out and lugging more stuff down there. Just try and
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsHK Hey Jenn! I'm not sure where Lydia got hers, but we did a message in a bottle type thing as well, but didn't use them for seating assignments. We printed out a bunch of different drinking quotes, tea stained them and tied them up, and then had the bottles placed on everyone's tables. They were kind of like a message in a bottle fortune cookies! We got ours at Dollar Tree in Vancouver, and I'm sure most locations across Canada would have them. They were in the craft section, and they had two of the same size for a dollar (2 larger ones), or four di
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