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  1. I did change out of my wedding dress because I was so hot, but it was really fine after that. Perfect in fact! Dinner was at 7:30 so sun was down, and the afternoon had been just slightly overcast. We had a symbolic ceremony. Just laugh about the minister, can't do much else!
  2. ****REVIEW**** Ladies, rest assured, your wedding will be perfect! Anabel is exceptional, everything was wonderful. We had the Ultimate package, we added nothing except rose petals for the flower girl to throw. We used the resort photographer and we are happy we did. If you want something more photojournalistic bring your own photographer, these are more functional, but still beautiful. Our memories are beautifully preserved. Teo was our photographer, very sweet guy. My flowers were gorgeous, I loved them. Instead of one large centerpiece we had 2 smaller ones, also gorgeous. We had a total of 20 people, we sat at one long table on the beach and it was incredible. Here is a warning- we had initially planned on a poolside reception by the small pool. My husband found out the afternoon of the wedding that there was a huge Mexican fiesta at El Patio, right next to the pool. So we changed our plans to have the reception on the beach and we are so glad we did. It would have been really loud over by the pool. So check on what other activities are going on around your chosen venue. Our wedding was in the chapel and it was so gorgeous, I can't even tell you. The minister forgot to have us exchange rings and pronounced us husband and wife, and we corrected him, makes a funny story. I was disappointed because we asked him to do a family blessing as DH has a daughter, and he forgot to do that. He rambled on for quite a while with his sermon, but that's ok. You get what you get with this kind of thing. My one warning, and great disappointment was that about half of my guests and I got a nasty GI bug. It seemed to hit after our welcome dinner at the World Cafe. Since we all ate different things, my best guess is the non- bottled water served at the restaurant. It hit different people with different strengths- I was pretty sick for most of the wedding day and couldn't eat any of our dinner at our reception, but everyone said it was good. No doctor's visits but lots of Pepto and Immodium was purchased. Just be careful and bring drugs. Have a great wedding!!!
  3. Her Facebook page says "Caro Montes musician/band" and her profile picture she is standing in a forest playing a black guitar. I hope that helps. She hasn't responded to my FB message yet. FI says he saw that she has a myspace page (people still have those?!) and he thought her actual email address was on that, so that is my next approach. Good Luck!
  4. Hi Sehausle- I still can't find her card, but I found her on facebook, her name is Caro Montes.
  5. We heard her at another resort- and I got her card- and now I can't find it. When I do I will tell you her name! Fingers crossed that I find it, I haven't emailed her yet!
  6. Hi Ladies- I have a couple of questions. Our wedding is July 12, and we are expecting about 18-25. We are doing the Ultimate Package. I am torn between reception on the beach or by the small pool. If it is windy I don't want sand in peoples food, but on the other hand it might feel good in the middle of July. I love the idea of dinner on the beach, but just don't know if it would be a disaster or not. Also, I think we will just use an iPod for music (I don't foresee much dancing with this crowd...) but will a docking station be loud enough on the beach or will waves drown it out? Should we rent their sound system? It's a lot of money... I think we are using an outside guitarist/vocalist for the ceremony and cocktail hour, I thought I would have the Mexican trio at the end of dinner as a surprise. Any thoughts? I'm kind of rambling, I know. Thanks!!
  7. Also FYI, I've heard that some brides will use the docking stations from their rooms, just be sure to bring batteries. Not sure how loud they are though... That was my concern- this one is supposed to be loud- FI is researching... Seems like their sound system is such a rip off, if I can have this and have it forever! Thanks for your answer!
  8. Hi Everyone- We are considering bringing a docking station- we found one that is pretty loud at sells for about $599. Will it be a problem to get it into the country?
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