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  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the quick review. It always helps to hear about good experiences. Congratulations on your wedding!!!! We are looking forward to our date as it gets even closer All the best to you and your hubby :-).
  2. Hi Shayla, How was the wedding? Did you do a review? Do you have any pictures? We are getting married there May 27 so in a couple weeks. I hope it all went well! Thanks!
  3. Hi Kim, We are getting married May 27 so in a few weeks. Have you been in contact with the wedding planners yet? What package have you chosen? We are going with the free package and adding to it. Hope it's going well! Thanks.
  4. Hi miamoo, Have you gotten married yet? How was it? I hope you had a great time?
  5. Congratulations Andrew and Emma! Thanks for the detailed review. Looks like you all had a blast! Our wedding is Nov. 2013. I am leaning towards the Island Pearl package but after seeing the great photos of the Sapphire Package I think we may have to reconsider. The website says one tier cake and doesn't say chair covers so I had no idea it would look like that. We are considering the Posiedon and may have about 30 guests. Did you have to pay $20 pp extra for children also if any? I want the Zurielmaka show but we are trying to stay within budget so maybe if I lower the package we can add it. Did you have a DJ or steel band for the wedding? Our wedding is at 4 so we may skip the cocktail reception or we may do the cocktail reception and have our speeches and dancing there and then do the a-la-carte for dinner after wards. So many decisions ;-)???? We are so excited? Did you use a travel agent or did you just have your guest book on their own? From the pictures it looks like you have quite a few guests so I was just wandering if it may be easier to get a travel agent? Thanks....
  6. Great review. Thanks for highlighting the positives and the negatives. It really gives a good perspective on what to expect.
  7. Congratulations to all of you!!!!! It feels like our date is so far away. November 23, 2013
  8. Will the airbrush last in the heat? My wedding is at 4pm but there will be a lot of dancing at the reception and I don't want my makeup to look weird.
  9. These are really beautiful already but I don't think you could go wrong if you added a crystal between the peacocks maybe...
  10. Hi these are so beautiful great job!!! Can you please email me the template used t.tjamaicandestination@gmail.com?
  11. Thanks for the review great details. I am jamaican also with some jamaican guests so I am happy to hear that the food is authentic. Congratulations!!!!!!
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