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  1. Grand Palladium has a nice chapel and the resort is very child friendly.
  2. Thanks! I've decided to go with Tania Tangle. Her Facebook page has tons of great pics so am trusting she can do the same for me
  3. Anyone use Tania Tagle or Cristian & Dahena? Am looking for reviews but can't find any.
  4. Emily, You looked great!! Sorry to hear about being sick though.
  5. Thanks so much!! You are going to do absolutely great. I'm sure it will be a bit tough but you will manage. Think of the wedding planning as stress relief from studying
  6. Hey RaynDrop. it's definitely not bad hahah. St. Lucia is a piece of heaven. I know its far away... but do you know if you are going to honeymoon there or are you thinking about stopping by one of the close islands? I don't know exactly how many I need but I am approximating maybe 50? Send me a pic would love to see the bags...
  7. Hey guys! I've been off this website for a while since I was studying for my boards--- but now that I passed. I am back in wedding mode while I job hunt It's so nice to see so many of us New England ladies on here. UMassRN007- Time does fly.. next thing you know it will be January. It sounds like you do have a pretty good chunk of things organized and you are right you can't do much to a certain point until you get an accurate number of people going. The site with multiple stores for a gift registry is a great idea. Not sure if we are going to have one...but we are so
  8. Mike- Could you send me pricing information as well. I am interested too. ~Norma
  9. Lauren- Wishing you all the best wedding I'm sure everything will be fantastic. ~Norma
  10. Thanks Claire, Decisions, decisions...I might just make the FI take a lead on getting the room Norma, We were in Mayan Suite in Kantenah, room number 3404 and that's where the ladies got ready so you can see some photos a few pages back which I posted a few days ago. And yes, the white party is every Monday starting with dancing and games like limbo at 9pm, with the fire show around 11. The party went on I think until 1am.
  11. Wow, that's a lot of luggage! But their is no reason you should be embarrassed...you are getting married I'm so jealous you guys have a holiday. Work for me Thanks for the info on the White Party.
  12. Lauren! You are sooo organized!! I wouldn't worry to much about not having receipt for the small stuff since it sounds you have receipt for most things. As far as the cake, adding an extra layer to the cake may be a safe way to go. By the way, I'm like you I will take salty things over sweets any day ~Norma
  13. Claire0701, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You look stunning in your wedding dress! And those BM dresses they are just gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear about the wait time at the restaurants...I agree with you when you are holiday you don't want to have to stop beachin' it to get ready for dinner. One question- did they upgrade you to the Mayan Suite in the Kantenah side? We are trying to figure out what room we are going to choose. I would like a suite since I want to do what you did and have all the bridal party get ready in the room ~Norma
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