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  1. Hey .... I have since discovered this cocktail reception that they offer - at first i thought it was a waste of £ but when I found out that the cocktails come in coconuts I was very excited! Ha ha! So I am having this but it's a bit pricey - I think it is $10 a coconut pp and they also offer a fruit platter for $8 I think ..... I thought it'd be nice to have during photos and steel band on the west beach which I believe it quite quiet and private. I still want to marry on the plaza gazebo and then move her for a little reception. However the vendor fee for dj and steel band is $350 each 😫 and $90 for any extra people (I think that this means if anyone extra comes with the dj to help but not sure) ..... This makes me sad!! I'll need to double check the beach party price but I'm sure that you pay a set up fee and then if you want a bar man with a bar to do drinks you need to pay per person ..... Ill double check my figures and get back to you. I'm emailing the WC and she seems very nice and helpful xxx Oh I also have a bonfire price which I'll check and write on this - as iv converted it all to £ I'm confused what the dollars are
  2. Oh I'm loving your planning ... Your dress is beautiful .... I'm also planning on having a similar bouquet as you .... Would you mind also sending me your wedding programme? My email is misslauretta@hotmail.co.uk It would help me so much - thanks very much Laura xx
  3. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/content/type/61/id/221972/width/200/height/400[/img These are a slightly better pic - softer
  4. these are my wedding earrings that I just bought at the weekend! Yippee!!! 😬😬
  5. Hi could you by any chance email me this? It sounds fabulous! My email is laura.redmond1@wled.org.uk I can't open attachments on this yet .... Thanks you ever so much 😊😊😊😊
  6. Ps that's a shame that your parents can't make it but you will have a wonderful video for them to watch x
  7. Hi tj how is your planning going? I think my number is 28 but 7 of these are kids so 21 adults. What are you planning on doing after your ceremony? I really wanted a bonfire and fire dancers but I'm not sure if its within my budget. Also do you know if we get a wee cart thing to take us to the plaza? I think that I read some where that it is quite a long walk from certain buildings to that area.... Don't want to be sweaty before my vows hee hee what date are you getting married again? X
  8. I have booked Rashel also - she told me that she was having problems with her email and sent my invoice via Facebook x
  9. Oh I know ..... I looked at them but did not have the budget for it .... I've booked a beauty person too for hair and makeup ..... I wanted an outside dj and steel band but not sure if I can afford all of these vendor fees. Also the $200- $350 only allows 2 ppl to enter too.... Not good..... I thought that the salon was ridiculously over priced! Where are you having your ceremony? I'm planning to use the courtyard bit and then the semi private dinner and then a beach party! Can't wait! X
  10. Hi talia I am the same. My wedding is booked for April and I'm also unhappy with the vendor fees .... Wish I knew this before I booked. I found a photographer though has does both photos and video and pays the hotel fees - she's marcia Roberts x
  11. Hi what date are you? I'm also April 2014 -- thurs 10th is my wedding date! Very exciting!
  12. I'm going to have the free semi private dinner (although you still have to pay something) .... As ive got under 30 and think we'd be lost up on the top and my mum doesnt want to eat her food on the beach - shes a bit funny! Then going down for a Beach party - I'm going to get a dj in (kevan) and he also does a steel band ...only having the band if its only the one fee to have both as its the same company. Would like the band to play after we're married for a bit while the photos are being captured .... So much to think about! Who is your photographer? I've read about another few make up artists on here but can't remember their names .... There is a forum for make up tho under Jamaican vendors
  13. Thanks k Doyle! Loving those photos you just out up! Absolutely gorgeous!! Hope mines turn out as well xx
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