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  1. Just an update..... The bride for whom the dress was made, came home and tried on the dress and it fits fairly well! The bodice needs to be altered, and she wants to change the lace on the top. We will make some changes up top. No worries. With that and a good steaming, it should work! It is a nice dress....just not exactly like the original...but how can it be, really? They are making it from a picture, and from measurements, and finishing it in two weeks. Pretty amazing when you think about it. I do recommend weddingdress88. They did a good job.
  2. This happened with us. I posted about it in this thread. You can go through and find my old posts. I asked them to take their time, offered to pay extra for lower "shine" satin, and there were a few things they could have altered with pictures, such as the bodice arriving full of sequins and sparkles. They said they would send pics before they mailed and did not. The dress got to my door in three weeks. We ended up not being happy and there is nothing we can do. We did not use babyonline, though, and I heard their dresses are often just right. If it is TTD, you should have not problem......our dress was actually well made, it just isn't "right" somehow.
  3. Well we got our dress. Got here very quickly. It is not a bad dress at all. Well made. Not even close to what we were hoping for. The one on the left is the daughter getting married. She is in the original dress we were trying to replicate. The one on the right is her sister trying on the Chinese one because the engaged one lives in another state. They have similar bodies and builds. The satin is not the even close, the box pleats are completely wrong in the front and the bodice is shaped wrong, shaped funny, and is covered in beads. The proportions in bodice and satin sash are off. We could probably rework the sash and I could easily take off the beading, but it might not be enough.
  4. The other thing is that I would have ordered petticoat and veil from them. Could have tried to match the lace....didn't have time to work that out. Wow! Fast construction and shipping!
  5. I really hope you are right, Barash. I did hear good things about them, too. I was just surprised because she said she would show me pics perforce she shipped it. I didn't think it would be in the air in two weeks. That was so fast. I also told them we were in no hurry and would prefer to see pics and she said she understood. Oh we'll, it's out of my hands, literally and figuratively.
  6. Weddingdress88. I saw some finished dresses of theirs on another forum or thread. I heard good things, so I went with them. I wish I had the thread where people were praising them...can't find it.
  7. I concerned that we might be another DHGate statistic! I just got an email saying they shipped the dress. WITHOUT sending us any pictures. Just shipped it, even though I said we were not in a hurry and they promised to show me pictures after they make it. Don't they always send pictures first? I have a sinking feeling in my stomach.
  8. Just another note. I got an email saying "not to worry" ( I wasn't) but the dress will be finished before their spring festival, so we will be getting it in two to three weeks, it looks like. That is really fast. They are sending pictures before they mail it. If the dress is as good as their communication and attentiveness, then these guys are a treasure!
  9. Just to let you know, the weddingdress88 people seem to be fantastic to work with. They email me the day they get the email. I asked a specific question about the lace on the top. I have seen some dresses come back with different lace than what is used in the inspiration dress, which is understandable, so I just asked them to send me pictures of the lace they were considering using before the sew it on, because I don't want to make extra work for them ... tearing it out and starting over, etc. She said, "Don't worry. It will be the exact same lace." I will keep you posted. Thanks for replying.
  10. Hi, I have been reading these threads with great interest. I am the MOB of a bride who fell in love with a dress that is far too expensive. Since we are going the traditional route and are paying for their wedding ( they are an old-school young couple), I thought we would give DHGate a try. The dress she wants is inspired by the Pronovias "Dalia" gown...I'll see if I can post a pic. I just joined the forum. She really wants a classic look from the early 1960's, and we have looked through vintage shops and online vintage and can't find the right one....she is five foot 9. The size 0-2 back then all seem to be very short. Anyway, I read several hundred pages of imported wedding gown threads and came up with a few companies I would deal with, inlcuding babyonline, beautybride, dressilyme,and weddingdress88. I can't figure out where I got that last name .. I lost the thread, but for some reason, they were the front runner. So we ordered from weddingdress88 today! Kind of excited. The dress we envision is simple ... full satin gown, bodice, with see-through lace at the shoulders, big four inch satin sash at waist, box pleats. Very 1962. There is no ruching, or crazy ruffles or tricky drop waists to deal with. It is a straight-forward dress style, so hopefully it will go well. I will try to post pics, but at any rate, I am glad to have found this forum and will enjoy being a member here.
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