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  1. As things are getting closer I was wondering about tips! What did you tip your wedding coordinator, officiant, bar staff at your pool side reception and wait staff at the restaurant for your wedding. We have about 50 people coming and we want to make sure we are being fair to the staff. Holly
  2. I love that dress!! You look stunning! I am getting married at the same place you did in 21 days!! So excited. Quote: Originally Posted by Katryne I wore allure 8950 in white. This is the best pic I could find, my bouquet seems always in the way! lol
  3. Hey everyone! I realized I am getting married in 40 days and I am so excited! I have a few questions I am hoping someone knows the answer to. Does anyone know what brand of makeup they use at the spa? Can I rent the draped fabric when I get there for the Akumal beach location? Do they have table numbers there or do I need to bring my own? There are about 50 of us attending and I am worried we will have trouble getting the party started for our pool side reception does anyone have any ideas to ensure everyone is engaged? -H
  4. This thread is exactly what I need! I went in to try on my wedding dress and it is a little too tight in the hips/butt/tummy. I cried when I put it on as it bunches a little bit. After trying it on again it stretched out and the girl explained that my hips/but was more of a 12 than a 10 which is the size my dress is. So needless to say I need to lose 5-10lbs in 2 months which is when I need to decide if I want to alter or not. So I am cutting out the booze and deserts and ramping up the veggies and lean proteins. I have never really tried to lose weight before I hope this is doable!
  5. So excited for you congratulations!!! I can't wait to see all your pics and your review!
  6. Thanks for the support you guys made me feel a lot better about the situation. I am back to feeling like just as long as my fiancé and my dress make it to Mexico I am fine!
  7. I feel a little bit like I am bad at being a bride. My fiancé and I filled out all the forms the resort gave us and I bought my dress and I am not motivated to do much else. I am worried that it won't feel like a wedding if I don't do extra stuff like make decorations and such. Do I really need to do that stuff? Is it still going to be very weddingy if I just show up in Mexico with my dress and my vows? I just want to make sure I am doing what I need to make my day special any input is appreciated.
  8. It is Essense of Australia. My dress came in last week so I need to go try it on!!! So excited!
  9. Hi, I am getting Married there in november too and have had a bit better luck with Maria. You can always try to forwar you email and ask for a response from groupsmx@bahia-principe.com. That is the director of groups and events email. I got a response a bit more quickly. I understand that they are busy but 2 months is way to long for you to wait. My wedding is in november and I got a few emails from Maria answering the questions I need so I can start planning. Hope this works for you! Quote: Originally Posted by worstbride So, still no word from Eugenia after she sent me an email two months ago asking for information that I couldn't give her until she answered some of my questions.. wedding is in November. I am going to fly to Mexico and flip out.
  10. My finance finally got his suit. He is keeping it a secret from me just like I am with my dress. lol But I do have a little bit of details he ended up getting a tan/sand colored hugo boss suite. He will be wearing it with flip flops, a white shirt and no tie. He bought it during an invite only sale and I think it came to $750 including alterations. He is super excited and can wear it after the wedding to work. He is usually has a hard time making up his mind but he said he loved it instantly. I am so excited to see him in it.
  11. I am letting the groom do his own thing for him and his groomsmen. I think they will likely do white shirts and tan pants. He also has a groomslady and I think she might do a tan dress or tan capris and a white shirt. The groom will likely wear a light colored Hugo Boss suit. Boss has tons of nice stuff for destination weddings but it is a bit pricey. They can give you a ton of ideas for what is in this season for mens destination wedding wear.
  12. Wowo that dress fits you so well! You honestly look like you are out of a bridal magazine.
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