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  1. Hi Vane23, Can you tell me where you got your fan's from? You can email me if you like at ambermakeupartistry@gmail.com Thanks so much for your help! Amber
  2. Hi Fabiola C, I'm deciding about getting married this summer at GPPC and I'm also from Ottawa I got a group quote for $1200, but that's also August which is not high season. Seems like a great place and has great reviews. We're looking at just under 50 guests. I'll keep you posted on what we decide We're using a travel agent we met at the bridal show in January.
  3. Does anyone have the 2013 wedding package information? If so, can you email it to me? ambermakeupartistry@gmail.com Thank you!
  4. Thank you gina24! Congratulations! So glad to hear things went great for your wedding recently! We're considering MTC for this August Love the reception on a yacht idea. Sound so beautiful!!
  5. Hi jennifer8913, Thank you soooooo much for this article! I was really concerned about really hot weather (older guests coming) and definitely hurricanes. It really has calmed my nerves after reading this article I'm going to check out more DR locations. Thank you so much!
  6. Hey August Brides! My FI and I are hoping to get married in August 2013 as well, but worry about the weather....any concerns for you ladies? For us, the only time this year that could work out for us is in August...so we don't have much of an option. Also, what location have you chosen? We're thinking either Punta Cana or Riveira Maya....but constantly searching for more ideas lol. Any words of encouragement? lol Thanks
  7. Hi all, I can totally relate and so happy I found this forum! My FI and I are planning to be married this summer; however his son's BM if constantly fighting a schedule that is to be set. She's been trying to minimize time away from his father (my FI) the moment he left her (bc she cheated the whole marriage). We love his son SO much and want him to be part of our special day. He even wants to...he loves being with us. How does one plan for a wedding when the schedule is so unpredictable?!? Excited yet frustrated...I just wish the BM focused on their son rather then hatred for my FI.
  8. Hi Vanessa! I love your video! Who did it? You looked stunning!!
  9. Hi there. Are you looking for a hairstylist and makeup artist from DR? Or are you thinking to bring someone with you for that service?
  10. Hey mlos29! My fiancé and I are looking at getting married here in early August 2013. Any luck with planning? I'm scared about weather too, but others keep telling me it'll be fine...so confused! lol
  11. Hi there, I just saw your post that you were married at the Hard Rock Punta Cana in August 2011. How was the weather? I'm planning my DW for August 2013, and worried about weather, etc. Any information would be great! thanks! NEandLovingIt
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