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    JellyFish for 2014:

    Did you happen to meet with Mayte while you were on your visit? I leave for our visit next week! We have a date to visit JF with Mayte but I'm wondering if there is anything we should ask or consider while we are there. Did you do a menu tasting or discuss decor?
  2. @ jandl2013: I'd love to know the same!! I'm in the same boat. Drink packages are per head, right? I'm thinking a tab may be more ideal since there will be guests that are underage and individuals who likely wouldn't have more than 2 drinks. DMV!! :-P
  3. jyutzy8

    JellyFish for 2014:

    cmingalone - I am booked for a reception dinner at Jellyfish in February. We will be staying at the Colonial. Have you thought about transportation for your guests? I'm hearing that Majestic has a free shuttle to the Jellyfish restaurant! I hope that's true!!
  4. Hi! My name is Johannah and new to the forum. My fiance and I have narrowed our destination wedding resorts down to 2... Paradisus Punta Cana and The Majestic Colonial. We are hoping to reserve a wedding date in February 2014 and are working with a TA. To guarantee our date, I know we need to move fast! We are having a hard time deciding between the two resorts as we've never been to DR. This forum looks like it will be a definite help as we continue our planning for the big day! My fiance's biggest determining factor is price for our guests: hands down, Majestic is one of the more affordable resorts we've found with the amenities we are looking for. My two biggest determining factors: Price for our guests, and wedding customization. I feel that when you decide on a DW, you're also making the decision to loose a lot of that customization and personal touch (without paying $$$ for it) that most brides find when creating their own wedding locally. Paradisus Punta Cana offers much more customization for ceremony and reception, but it's hard to look past the price our guests would pay if we choose majestic. We feel that it's already a lot to ask people to travel out of the country (a first for many) but also to dig deep in their pockets to get there. ...For former brides and all other brides to be, what about Majestic Colonial made you choose this resort? What advice can you provide on customizing your wedding package? I need some convincing that choosing MC is the best choice I'm looking forward to browsing through this forum and reading what everyone has to say!! -Jo