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  1. I actually asked about floating lanterns because we wanted to do them, but they aren't allowed because of thier palapas. He is pretty flexible! He told me I could bring whatever decorations I wanted, I am even bringing my own flowers for the centepieces. The only down side is they do not offer much as far as decorating go. They do the ceremony pretty fully as far as I can tell but as far as the reception goes, they really don't have much. They have some pretty white hanging lanterns but that's about it. I am even bringing my own vases. I get to talk to him more next month, you really don't get to plan anything until the month before the wedding, so I am 3 months out and still don't really know a lot of the finer details. They seem to be really well organized and easy to work with. I am just nervous, since this is soo different. I do not know anyone who has had a destination wedding and it really is nerve racking!
  2. Hello! I am new to this forum so hello . I am getting married on July 7th 2013 at the Royal Decameron in Bucerias/Nuevo Vallarta and was wondering what information if any some other current or former brides have! I have been in contact with Claudio the wedding coordinator himself, but I would love to know more about the photography, cake, and the music vendors. And the fireworks as well. There hasn't been a recent post on this so I was hoping to find someone maybe planning right now and see what their plans/ideas were too! I know I am planning on taking a lot of stuff to the site and leaving it, was wondering if any other brides planned on bringing lots of accessories as well? I am having a purple and pearl theme, so I know I will be bringing lots of pearl accesories as well as purple chair sashes and table runners.
  3. Our Wedding - Royal Decameron (Bucerias) Puerto Vallarta Nayarit Area

    Pros: Great beach, Beautiful ceremony, Budget Friendly
    Cons: A Few snafu's here and there - S trip
    Our wedding took place on July 7th, 2013 at the Royal Decameron in Bucerias. Bucerias is a really nice little town across Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. You just go over the state border into Nayarit and then you are in Bucerias. It is very cute and quaint. It gives you the beaches of Vallarta without all the people.   The hotel itself is amazing. It has everything you could possibly need. We ate at two of the a la cartes, Piccolo and Rodizio, and a lot of the buffets and the snack bars. The be
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