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  1. they confirmed my date and time, i sent out invites with all the info then found out they gave my day and time away, only available time offered during my stay was at 11am. Im just happy I am at least getting married but found this to be crazy....they blamed me for the mess up saying I didn't confirm but had a confirmation email. But at least I'm getting married
  2. BARB2014 I also had a confirmation email of my wedding date and time, sent all requirments, which is forms of what you want for ceremony and waited a few months before getting further into details and it turned out they had given my day and time away. I suggest calling them and talking directly and figure out what else you need from them and what they need from you. Better to know everything is 100% early in the planning!
  3. A few people have mentioned that if you book the wedding Gazebo....you can request coolers, ice, cups, and rum punch from the wedding coordinator and they will set it up on tables for you. Have your guests bring drinks from mini fridge in room (someone mentioned there guests kept emtying the fridge so they kept refilling and had a bunch of drinks to bring down to put in the coolers). Saves you from paying for a bartender and from what I have heard everyone has loved it!!
  4. The catameran cruise is a great idea, I thought of that and called them for some info but I just dont want my guest to pay $40 per person to go on and I can't really afford to pay that for them I actually thought there was a deal with the cruise. Lunch is a good idea, hopefully that is an option cause I know they said you can't have an early supper. Thanks for replying to me!! Hoping i figure it out soon and book otherwise I will be stressed about it. Thanks!!
  5. Well it turns out I will be getting Married at 11am, my 1pm was confirmed but somehow mixed up and given away so 11am is the only time left. I have 30 guests....the only time your allowed for a wedding supper is 6pm, was hoping to have an early supper and after party. Any suggestions on what to do with 30 guests from 1200 till 6pm? or even just for the wedding party?
  6. OMG I booked months ago my wedding date, I wasnt given many dates to choose from so I picked Dec 5th 2013, I asked for confirmation of my date so I could include it in my information packages/invitations. They sent me a confirmation email stating that date was mine. I couldn't get my fax machine to work so I send my filled out forms as an attachment through email which they recieved. I relaxed for a while waiting to find out the actual guest # before continuing to book things and they responded that dec 5th, 2013 was not available and they never heard from me so they gave it away and the only date/time is at 11am Really not happy and not sure what to do, anyone have any suggestions??
  7. Thanks! That would be great! don't forget to post lots of pictures for all of us future GBP brides
  8. Hi Girls! So I'm up in the air about getting hair and make-up done at resort or by rashel. Resort charger $210 for hair and make-up, Rashel charges 250$ that includes travel but then you also have to pay for her day pass I believe? so I would be paying $115 more...I just don't know if I should or not, trying to keep things fairly cheap. Any suggesstions??
  9. These pictures are great, love the group shots! A friend on my facebook just got married at GBP and used the resort photographer and he did a great job for them too. Hope he does when i get there Thanks for sharing
  10. Thank you so much ladies! Great info and advice! I'm getting more excited....just wish I didn't have to wait so long lol
  11. Hello! So glad to hear all these great experiences at the bahia principe. I was planning a weddig at home for july 2013...so many things just weren't working out so my fiance I decided to do it in Jamaica. Hes kind of a cheap man lol wants to stick with the basics. Our wedding is going to be December 2013 its booked, not sure our exact guest list. Not getting many reply's at the moment from the wedding coordinators for some questions I've had. We want it to be a great experience for us and our guests however we need to keep it fairly cheap. Any suggestions on what restaurant to make group reservations at, how to go about planning such, do I book now or when I get to resort? I'm getting excited, even though its still 11 months away. Thanks! Also is there a way to see others wedding pics from resort?
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