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  1. We had a beach reception and rented the dance floor. Like you, I questioned if it was necessary or not at first, but am glad we went for it. It is not that easy to dance on sand! I couldn't have imagined it without it. I think our guests were really happy we had a designated dance space, too.
  2. The DJ does provide MC at an additional cost...not sure exactly how much it is, but your wedding coordinator should be able to give you that number. I will attempt to post some pictures!
  3. Hey ladies, My husband and I got married at Now Larimar on December 29th! It was amazing! We would not have changed a thing about it. We had our ceremony, which began at 3:30 PM, on the beach by the Preferred Club beach area and our reception, which began around 5:30 PM, at Castaways beach. It was incredible! Yes, it was a bit windy, but we just rolled with it. Before the wedding day, we had made the decision to extend our reception and open bar until 11:30 (so we added 3 hours), and it was so fabulous! Also, just so you know, Eventos FJ is the DJ that the resort uses. We went with their DJ Services B package (and a friend of ours acted as MC). They were absolutely brilliant! My husband is big into music and he was extremely impressed with them. If you choose to go with the resort DJ, your wedding coordinator will send you a 2-page document to fill out closer to your wedding date to help the DJs understand you as a couple and what your music preferences are, plus to let them know what songs you want for specific dances like first dance, etc. They definitely got us and our guests very well! We never communicated with them before the wedding as Silvia, our wedding coordinator, took care of that. I just wanted to pop by and say hi and feel free to ask me any questions (feel free to personal message me because I don't know how frequently I'll be checking the forum). I never posted prior to the wedding, but I did use this forum as a resource in our planning. So, thank you and hope I can help! Becky
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