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  1. I also will have a toddler by the time we are married in April I will have a 1 1/2 year old. I booked a premium swim up suite. We will have a nanny with us and plan on "breaking the rules" by having people to our room. Did you seem to have any trouble with this? We're their people "policing" the premium section? Also did you find it difficult to not stress during your special day while also taking care of a toddler and keeping them on somewhat of a schedule?
  2. Hey ladies, I know I have asked before but I didn't receive many responses. I'm really debating over what to do for a D.J. I have heard a lot about Doremixx but would love to avoid the outside vendor fee. My fiancée is big into music and will be putting together all the songs to be played at out wedding so I was thinking of just going with D.J. Allmusic. Any thoughts? I can't find any reviews of him anywhere on this site. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Also has anyone used an outside vendor for flowers?
  3. Hi ladies! I am new to this thread and hope I am doing this right. I am getting married at Azul Sensatori April 27, 2014 and I'm trying to finalize my DJ. We are already using an outside photographer (Samuel Luna) and are paying the vendor fee. I would love to not have to pay another fee for the DJ. I have heard a lot about DJ Dorremix but it seems like most brides put their playlist together themselves anyways. So what's the point in paying all that money for a DJ? Has anyone had any experiences the DJ All Music and can give me any positive/negative feedback. Thanks ladies! And I'm super excited to have found this site and be planning my our wedding!
  4. Hello ladies! This is my first post so I hope I'm doing it right lol! I am getting married April 27, 2014. I haven't booked a DJ yet we are using an outside photgrapher and paying the outside fee. I have heard lots about DJ Dorremix but is it necessary to pay the outside vendor fee for a DJ if you are creating basically the entire playlist yourself anyway?? Anyone have experience with DJ All Music from Lomas?? Any input would help. I would like to get this booked soon
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