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    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    Suzanne Morel does eyelash extensions I believe.
  2. golden011

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    Hey, So I am getting married 12 nov 2013, so it's comin up quickly!! I am looking into where to get my hair and makeup done along with my bridesmaids. I have heard the spa on the resort is not so good and there was a place in town, where is the place in town and how do you get a hold of them? Thanks!!!
  3. golden011

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    So from reading all the advice, I went online to the Riu site and booked the day and time for our wedding (4-5). How long does it take to hear from a wedding planner to ask questions?....as I chose the free package and want to know if that is the best option for what I would like
  4. golden011

    2012 Riu Sante Fe Brides

    Hey ladies, Imam new on here and have so many questions! I am getting married at the riu Santa Fe in November 2013. I really want to have a private room for the reception so I can put my own touch into the space. I have not been in contact with a wedding planner there but really want to, how should I go about this?