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  1. Does anyone know if there is more than one gazebo at the resort? If I tell guests the wedding is at the gazebo will they get lost? Same with the reception? How do I direct them to the correct pool?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by KatLew Yeah we will probably do the poolside reception and just bring our iPod with our own music. My fiances family is Armenian, so this will guarantee that we will play some cultural music for them Also, can we bring our own decorations to the Resturant and poolside reception? Can we set off sky Chinese lanterns? I was told you can bring your own decorations and they will set up for you (for a tip). I was also told sky Chinese lanterns are not allowed.
  3. Has anyone had experience with getting makeup done at the resort salon? My WC is telling me that outside vendors for makeup are not allowed anymore.
  4. Yes I have been told $3000 for poolside dinner and about 1380 for reception including dj. We have about 40-45 people coming.
  5. Hey ladies! Does anyone know if the resort offers any kind of decorations for the ceremony or reception? If we brought along decorations would they set them up for us? I'm thinking things like programs for the ceremony, tree lights or poolside reception, battery operated floating candles for the pool, cake toppers, etc. Also how big are the tables at the poolside dinner ( how many people per table)?
  6. Hey everyone! Quick question - does anyone know when the resort needs to know final number of guests for the wedding/reception? We have some that are thinking of doing last minute bookings and just want to ensure that this won't be a problem? Thanks!
  7. Maybe we will bump into each other - that would be cool! I hope that is true about the reception - have you enquired about it yet?
  8. Hello everyone. Just wanted to say thank you for posting all this amazing information on this forum! It is a life-saver. We are getting married Nov 19th at Coba and I'm very excited! Does anyone know if there is the possibility that we might not be able to get the private poolside dinner? We love the pictures and sort of have our hearts set on it...
  9. Wow wish I had read that before I posted. Meant to say "can anyone speak to the privacy.....".
  10. Can any speak o the privacy of the ceremony locations at coba? My better half is wondering. Thanks!
  11. We have been offered 4pm as a ceremony time. Do you guys think this is too late? I want to be able to get some pictures after the ceremony. Thanks for any help!
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