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  1. FYI ladies... I just received an email from Francina stating that Yakayra is no longer with Now Larimar. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Seems to be an awful lot of turn over at the resort. - Rose
  2. @chrisdeluca You looked amazing!!! Thank you for all of the information you shared and the pictures. Where did you find the paper lanterns for the tables?
  3. @KChenard; Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I have the same type of wedding planned as you with the ceremony on the beach and the reception by the pool. Were you happy with the way everything turned out? Were there any hidden charges that you did not plan for? You looked absolutely stunning!!! Congratulations. Rose
  4. @KChenard- Your pictures are gorgeous! I am getting married on the beach too. Did you wear shoes?? I want to see the front of you, but your dress is amazing. Where did you have your reception? Thanks for sharing. It's so great seeing everyone's weddings come to life! Rose
  5. rosepetal1595


    Thank you. I have the wedding packet from the resort, I just do not see pictures of the Garden Pool in mine. Does your packet show pictures of both? If so, I would love to see them. Thanks so much! You girls are a great help. Rose
  6. Hi Erica Thank you for your response. I think I am going to hire Caribe Emotions. Are you hiring a photographer? I was trying to decide between Caribe Emotions and HDC. Rose
  7. Hi ladies I am new to this site and all of this information has been so helpful. I want to book a photographer. I understand that there is a $150 vendor pass. Can I book my photographer directly or do I need to go through one of the wedding planners at Now Larimar to do so? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rose
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    Does anyone have any pictures of the Relaxing Pool vs. Garden View Pool? I see that thee are both options for the reception, but they only show pictures of the Relaxing Pool. Also, if you have over 25 guests, do you have to pay for additional chairs for the wedding and the reception?