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  1. Hello! My husband and I took our extra stuff down to the Grand Sirenis in large storage containers. WestJet only charged us $20 per container which I thought was reasonable. Happy wedding planning! Chantel
  2. What a unique dress! It fits your beautifully! You can tell you love the dress - you're glowing Quote: Originally Posted by martap7 Went in for my first dress fitting this weekend, I just am in love with this dress...has to be taken in and have to find the right bra for it due to the back being so low, but I cannot wait to see it when its all said and done
  3. Although I do love the mermaid shape, I think the flowers dress is gorgeous! Such pretty details on that dress! Quote: Originally Posted by Miriam005 how do you think of the two dulex wedding dress,in fact,I havn't paid for it ,I vacillated for a long time between the Chapel mermaid gown and flowers wedding dress
  4. What a good find! You'll be a beautiful bride! Quote: Originally Posted by SkyHighT100 So I completely lucked into my dress. A coworker of my Aunt was about to give her dress to Goodwill. Knowing I was engaged my aunt sent it to me. It was amazing and so much more than I could have afforded at a bridal shop. We are getting married at Ponce Inlet Beach next month so I knew the train just wasn't going to work. I took the dress to a local seamstress and they worked some serious magic!!! Not wanting to let the beautiful beading of the train go to waste they made a new modesty panel for behind the corset and a shawl incase it gets chilly. I am SO excited to wear it in just 26 days!! I'll be sure to post better photos after the wedding, these were from my moms cellphone. Model photo: Original back: After alterations:
  5. This dress is stunning, Leanne! Wow! Quote: Originally Posted by leannesmith My dress!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn963 that is such a cute storrryy!!! awwwwww u should totally take at least some engagement pics on that train station! it's definitely something you will wanna show your kids Engagement ideas on the train are a good idea for you Niknic456! Cute story.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple Oh I never realized how close I was this I'd 147!!! LOL. Congrats on making 150
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn963 150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! felt more like 1500000000000!!!!!!! but i did it!!! YAHOO!!! YAY!
  9. Oh also! Getting my engagement photos done on Sunday (2 1/2 months before my wedding - running a little late on this one - lol) - any ideas or inspiration that anybody feels like sharing? Chantel
  10. Random question: I am just wondering how you ladies put the footer on your messages, where you've added sayings, countdowns, links, inspirational stuff that gets posted on the end of your messages? Thanks!
  11. Happy Friday Ladies! Hope everybody has a happy weekend ahead of them
  12. Wow, our resort asked that we have all the details/decisions regarding our wedding made by 3 months in advance - they're actually waiting on me! That's too bad that you're having troubles with your coordinator, that adds to the stress!
  13. Hello all! Just thought I would say hello! I am getting married at the Grand Sirenis, but then my fiance and I are going to the Now Jade for a honeymoon - it's an absolutely gorgeous resort. Can't wait to hang out on the hammocks! Anyways, happy wedding planning Chantel
  14. Hi! I found great cups from 'Save a Cup' - I thought they were reasonably priced.
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