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  1. Has anyone booked their dinner reception yet? I'm thinking we'll have ours at the blue lagoon...
  2. Do any of you know how much the tax is in Jamaica? I'm trying to work out my budget and everything says plus tax but I'm not sure how much that is. Anyone have any idea?
  3. Yes, next time I need to get in touch with them, I will for sure call the resort myself.
  4. Still haven't heard from the coordinator! It's been 7 weeks since I sent her all my information to book our wedding date, and still no reply back. Both my travel agent and myself have emailed her several times, and still nothing! Should I be worried?
  5. It's always nice to hear a good review. A friend of a friend visited over Christmas and they were very impressed aswell, they said it was amazing and the food was very good. Yes it is going to get pretty pricey, we have 20 people coming for sure, and might get closer to 30. It will all be worth it though I'm sure! We're flying with Air Transat too! We'll likely be on the same flight as your guests!
  6. Lucky you! That's great! Mine still hasn't been charged, but hopefully soon!
  7. Yes, I had asked my TA as well to try to contact her. You'd think they would take our money in a heartbeat lol
  8. We're travelling from April 5-12th too!! Our wedding is the 7th! Mind if I ask where you're from?
  9. Same here. I had originally asked Erika for our date and she said she put it on hold for us tentatively until we sent her a deposit, which I did 3 weeks ago, and I still haven't heard from her or had a charge put through to my credit card. I am so nervous about my date and time being taken! I wish she would reply faster, it is very frustrating.
  10. weddings.jamaica@palladiumhotelgroup.com is the email I've been getting replies from. The coordinator's name is Erika. She takes awhile to reply, I've been waiting a week to hear back from her since I sent her my deposit for the wedding.
  11. Thank you! The coordinator did get back to me with pricing and all the menus, so this pretty much sums up what she told me.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, what was the rate you received?
  13. Hi! I am from Ontario, flying direct from Toronto. I'm using destinationweddings.com, dealing with Nikki, she's been great so far! I haven't been in touch with anyone at GP yet, do you know what the prices are like for a dinner reception?
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