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  1. I would first get with a travel agent to help you narrow down some options. They have usually stayed at most of them and they know the advantages, prices, and availability for each place. I got married at the rui palace peninsula in cancun. We did a 7 day, all inclusive, with 50 guest. Amazing! But your travel agent can be a life saver if you get a good one.
  2. My advice on a wedding dress would be to have ONE perfect wedding dress. I ended up with two because I couldn't return the original one. I did a wedding dress and reception dress (white cocktail dress). I would have loved to stay in my wedding gown, but no matter how light weight and comfortable the gown is, it can be pretty hard to stay in a long dress from 4:30pm til midnight. Especially when there is dancing involved. As far as an aisle runner goes, I thought the ceremony was prettier without an aisle runner, buts thats my opinion. I had white rose pedals spread out up and down the aisle and they really stood out on the green grass.
  3. Weight of dress is EVERYTHING! I own two wedding dresses because of that very issue. I got to thinking about the weather and how hot it would be and 3 weeks before the wedding I went and bought another dress. Best decision ever! My dress was as lite as a feather. The only thing I wish I would have ended up wearing was my wedged heels. No matter how little it may have rained in cancun, you will sink on the grass or at least give a little which makes your dress seem longer an more difficult to walk in. If it weren't for that I would have stayed in my dress all night long.
  4. No it came with the royal package. The only thing that was extra was 6 additional centerpieces for the reception (I would guess 2 to 3 dozen roses in each centerpiece). Overall extra cost of $125.00
  5. When you sit down and meet with the WC, they will ask you a few questions, color scheme, type of flower, cake flavor, and which package. With the information you give them, they create both your ceremony and your reception. All I added to what was already standard was little centerpieces for each dinner table.
  6. Check out riu palace peninsula bride forum. I've posted a lot of info there. I just got married there on the 12th of June. Amazing! Wonderful! Romantic!
  7. When we met with the WC he showed us a book of 20 or more flower arrangements and we chose from those. We made all decisions once we got there. You can email back and forth all you want but when you get there you talk about everything like its the first time you've discussed it so that's why I say don't waste your time emailing before hand. I think my additional flowers cost all together were no more than $150 maybe less.
  8. My price included lighting, DJ, microphones, dance floor, etc. $3800. I didn't negotiate. I felt like it was affordable and after seeing what they do it was very reasonable. A DJ alone in my home town with nothing but music and speakers is 2500+. My dance floor alone was worth it. My total cost for my wedding with the hotel was 5500.00. No complaints! I didn't ask any questions. I just paid the man. Check out the arrangement that was on one of my many tables of food. This was on the "truffles table". I didn't realize the effort they put into displaying the food. This arrangement is completely made of fruits and vegetables. This one one of our tables at the reception Please know that I am posting this stuff to brag. I am just trying to show you what you get with a riu pennisula wedding. This wasn't their standard setup. Perfect!
  9. My WC was Jared. He was great, but don't worry yourself with wedding details prior to your arrival. It's a waste of time. They seriously have and do it all. I took a rolled up hand painted print from a previous cancun trip and a sharpie and used it as my guest book. I took a cd for the ceremony in the order I wanted everything played so they never had to worry with starting or stopping it. I did the same with our reception first dance, father daughter, groom mother music as well. Something that helped me more than anything is that I had my best friend and my husband's best friend ordained and they performed the ceremony. Also my brother in law lead everyone in prayer and that combo really made things so personal and special. I have no problem with getting a local minister but when they perform the entire ceremony I fell like you lose the romantic magical moments that you expect when you're replaying your wedding over and over in your head in the months leading up to your wedding. Also i would suggest you have someone from home that you trust to be your WC as well. I had my husband's best friends mother there. She has coordinated a lot of ceremonies and she was there to tell each person when to walk out, where to go, how to stand. She also worked hand in hand with the DJ, the hotel staff, and Jared loved her. He just stepped out of the way and let her run with it. He also offered her a job after the wedding was over. I watched a wedding two days before mine and although it was pretty, it was all over the place. Each bridesmaid took different routes on their way to start down the aisle. Some took the sidewalk, some walked in the grass and even something little like that could make all the difference in the world. You have to get the illuminated dance floor!!!! It's a must. It was a show stopper and people will be talking about it long after the trip. The photographers t the hotel are great. The bartenders were perfect and the DJ let my husband and his friends scratch different songs and mix things up. They were awesome. I also had my hair done in the hotel spa. Roxy did my hair. She was great. I was prepared for a plan B but didn't need it. Hair turned out great. I suggest no veil and hair up. When I was watching videos on the web prior to my arrival I always noticed veils flying around but I just brushed it off and figured it was due to location and certain times of the year but when I got there and watched the wedding they had 2 days before my it was the same situation. The maid of honor had to hold the end of the veil through the entire wedding. It was all over the place.
  10. Thank you so much. Honestly this was the easiest most perfect way to go for a wedding.
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