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  1. Thanks so much !! I have a bunch of pictures printed out that I'd like taken... Just need to find out Javier's email and hopefully I can send him them! Great idea!! Thanks again:)
  2. I asked Vucko who he would recommend and he said Javier. So I requested him! Not sure if he is any good but I'm Hoping he is lol:)
  3. I'm using Caribe!! I recommended Wrote Vucko on Facebook and he told me he was planning on leaving caribe:( I wrote them and requested him and they said he is no longer with them... I'm kind of worried now. They told me they would get me the best one but I'm sure they tell everyone!! I'm getting married at the end of the month and I will be sure to post some pics and I'll let you know if the photographer is any good:)
  4. Thanks so much!! I ended up ordering them from just artifacts! Should get them tomorrow!! Super excited!! I ordered 8 aqua blue, 8 white and 8 brown.. Think they will go well together!! Thanks again!!
  5. Anyone have any advice on where to buy paper lanterns and LED lights? Found a few websites , jut wondering if there are any better deals out there:) Thanks so much!
  6. Hi! I also decided to go with caribe photo! It's so tough to make a decision but the photos they do look great!! As well I think I will be down there the same time as you:) I'm getting married April, 28th!! Super exciting
  7. Hi!! I'm getting married at the Azul Sensatori April 28th, 2013! Super excited!! I am bringing my own chair sashes down with me. We are paying for the chairs to be covered for the ceremony and were hoping to just transfer the bows to the chairs at the reception. Does anyone know if this is possible? The WC in Miami told me I would have to bring separate sashes for the reception even though my guests are willing to move them over. Anyone have any advice on this?? Thanks soo much
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