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  1. We're doing the Cabo Mar Dinner Cruise for our rehearsal dinner. We booked in 2013 so we were able to get 2013 prices but the cost has gone up for 2014. I believe it's now $65/person. And although all wedding guests are welcome to join us, we're only paying for the wedding party and their spouses and my parents. Kind of works out since some people want time to do their own activities while in Cabo. The welcome dinner at the hotel will include everyone. I think we have a nice balance of things planned and people still having their free time.
  2. I booked with Suzanne Morel and just received word that their tax rate jumped from 11% to 16% since I originally booked with them a few months ago. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm pretty annoyed by it. Just feels like many of the vendors find all sorts of ways to increase prices.
  3. I chose a florist! Sooo happy to have this checked off my list I ended up going with Lola at Florenta Flowers. She's been very responsive and her work looks beautiful. I told her my budget and she said she could work with it since its a small wedding (40-50 guests). Sergio was very nice and had great pricing but I requested pictures a few times and was never sent anything Seeing more of his work would have sold me. I received a quote from Martha at Mazarte but the quote was all roses and didn't look like the inspiration photos I sent over. I will say that Martha was very prompt in answering emails and very sweet on the phone. Cabo Design Studio has gorgeous arrangements but was a bit high for my budget. For example, $700 for an arch and drape while other places were quoting $250-$350. I'm sure they might have negotiated but I didn't bother.
  4. Do you have contact info for the trio?! I stayed at HE last year and loved the harpist playing at Las Marias but I have not been able to find out his name =(
  5. I've been getting quotes from florists and was just wondering what everyone's experience has been with the different florist vendors in Cabo. Their pricing is far higher than I expected. Has anyone used Sergio Farias? He gave a competitive quote but I can't find much info on his work.
  6. We recently decided to pull our contract with Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. Maira and Laura were very nice and tried to help as much as they could with locking in details and rates. Ultimately the hotel's lack of flexibility with the room block, outside guest fees, outside vendor fees and kids' fees resulted in us not feeling comfortable moving forward with the wedding there. We had contracted for our wedding at the Pacifica and had our room block at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset. There were just too many variables that we couldn't control and could ultimately end in us paying a lot more money when everything was said and done. We've now signed with Cabo del Sol and guests can stay wherever they want. All of the fees at Cabo del Sol are laid out from the beginning. For me its better not having to deal with a room block scenario. Not sure if all Cabo hotels are as strict with their wedding procedures and rules as Pueblo Bonito...
  7. Hi Cabo Brides, I'm trying to decide between a 2014 wedding at Barcelo or a wedding at PB Pacifica. I'm leaning toward Pacifica mainly because I had the chance to visit it last month and it was beautiful! I also like that its about a 10min drive to town. Barcelo looks great in pictures and would be a cheaper AI rate for my guests. Not to mention Barcelo's vendor rates are lower. Pacifica seems to have a huge markup on everything, but are willing to work with me on price. I've heard mixed reviews about the wedding coordinators at each of these venues, both are pretty responsive at this point. Any advice?
  8. Good to see more PB Pacifica/Sunset beach brides!!! I received a quote from the hotel but still going through the vendor costs, all of which seem unreasonably high, but they're willing to work with me, so we'll see. I'm trying to decide between PB Pacifica and Barelo...
  9. Congrats MsKenyaF!!! Finally a Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach bride I'm also considering PB Sunset or Pacifica for my 2014 wedding and ceremony. Toured both hotels last month and they are beautiful! I'm waiting on a quote from Laura. Although their wedding packages seem great on their website, I'm wondering if they start throwing in a bunch of additional costs. What package and set-up are you going with? Please post updates throughout your planning, would love to hear how its coming along. Happy Planning!
  10. Congrats MsKenyaF! Finally a PB Sunset Beach bride What kind of set-up are you going to have? I too am looking into Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach or Pacifica for my 2014 ceremony and reception. Thinking about 30 guests. I toured both hotels last month and absolutely loved them. I'm waiting on a quote from Laura. Although the wedding packages on their website seem reasonable, I'm wondering if they start throwing in a bunch of other costs later on... Happy planning and please post any info you come across along the way!!!
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