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    November 2013 Brides

    Nov 4 at dreams riviera cancun!! So excited!!! So soon ill be leaving!! I gotta start sleeping though
  2. Leaving Friday for DRC!!! Having issue getting ceremony music on iPod of course but think we are ready otherwise!
  3. Question for brides already married at dreams riviera...for chair sashes tablecloths etc do I need to have them ironed before I arrive or do they offer that there? They'd rewrinkle in suitcase anyways so I'm not sure what to do!! Do they charge to do it there? Thanks for ANY advice I always appreciate it so much!
  4. Anyone who got married on north beach know how long (minutes/seconds) I will have to get down the aisle? Wondering for my song choice !! Thanks
  5. laureninfw

    November 2013 Brides

    I am getting married at DREAMS RIVIERA CANCUN November 4th 2013!!! getting closer !
  6. what style overlay is that...the site doesnt show those, or maybe I am missing them?
  7. I love all of these shoes...I am getting married on the beach and one of the reasons I had trouble deciding is I love to be in cute shoes and I feel slimmer in heels...but doing destination I decided to do it in the sand and now I am disappointed I won't get cute shoes!
  8. laureninfw

    Pre-Wedding party...what to call it?

    I have similar questions like you ! I get weirded out with the gift thing as well but figure I will register for some generic stuff and then for the "honeymoon" thought I feel that is weird too since I am technically going to be on it... Trying to work details out for an at home party/reception...thought of doing mine as a shower/at home reception but the planning is stressful so I have put it on hold ) Happy planning
  9. I am thining of getting married at Dreams Riviera in late Oct early Nov but a little worried about weather/rain! any other future brides freaked about weather !? Great site and learing tons here !!
  10. My last thread disappeared !!! I will make this one shorter Thinking of getting hitched at Dreams Riviera ! Just wanted to introduce myself and see if any other brides were thinking of getting married in Cancun late Oct early Nov of 2013 ? worried a bit about weather !! looking forward to BDW site for tons of great info !!
  11. Hello all I am Lauren from Fort Worth Texas looking at planning a wedding for this year (!) possibly late Oct early Nov at Dreams Riviera (maybe!). It's gorgeous there but I am a little worried about rain/weather in late Oct early Nov, any other brides thinking of these months? I am totally excited about getting married and getting semi overload of info ! Glad to find BDW to help ease me into this destination wedding madness !!!