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  1. would someone be able to email this to me? sarahboersen@hotmail.com
  2. Hi, Haven't heard from you since last week.... Just waiting to hear back from you so we can arrange pick up for flowers. THANKS! Can't wait
  3. Does anyone have anything that the coordinators have sent you about the flowers? Did you wait until you got down there to pick what you wanted or do you let them know ahead of time? I got the original upgrade package that comes with an extra flower arrangement but not sure what to expect. Have any had luck with swapping out red carpet for petals? My wedding isn't for 5 months but I'm having a hard time envisioning everything..and trying to make the most of the decor and fake flowers I buy so that I can use it for the AHR too. This budget is getting more and more stretched lol Does anyone know where to buy cheap marracas online? I know they are probably cheaper when I get there but dont think I will have time to go to town before hand. Also, just wondering about the booking 25 rooms special someone mentioned....I have over 25 rooms booked and was wondering if anyone knew of a contact I could email to see if I can be eligible for any discounts on the wedding package. Thanks ladies!
  4. Oh Im getting married December 3rd at 2pm!! We will be there at the same time!! What section is your group staying in? We are staying in the Whitesands. We also are hoping for the pergola...we wanted a 4 oclock wedding too but it was already booked - im sure 2 will work out fine though
  5. MyTye2B Honestly it doesnt hurt !!! Most of my clients fall asleep on the massage table. I play spa music and it usually happens lol. A pad sticks under your lower lid to seperate lower lashes ... Thats probably the weirdest feeling of the whole process.
  6. Hi Ladies, just some quick note about eyelash extensions to answer some questions I saw some of you post... I am an eyelash technician and if done properly you shouldn't feel them at all. They shouldn't feel heavy and shouldn't damage your natural lashes. I read how some of you were able to remove them with baby oil...if it was done with quality glue and done right then oil would not work to remove them. Over time oil could break down the bond but not in one shot. They are really durable and you can swim, and sleep, and wash your face like you normally would...just avoid oily makeup remover or waterproof mascara (most people don't wear mascara with them anyways) and keep your lashes dry for the first 24-48 hours. Also, read that someones eyes were very sensitive and watery after they took their contacts out...please take your contacts out BEFORE getting them done as your eyes are shut for 2 hours and it will definitely cause irritation and dryness for your eyes. My suggestion would be to make sure you consult your technician about length and thickness so that you get the desired look you are looking for. If done properly they should shed slowly like your natural lashes and most come for fills every 3 - 4 weeks without them looking too sparse. I would recommend getting them done about 4 weeks before your wedding...then again on the week before you go away get a fill. They will be thicker then the first set put on and it will give you time to get used to them and make sure you like them. I love them for vacations...not mascara and your eyes pop all day long. Ill be getting them done for my wedding. If anyone has any questions about them I'd be happy to answer them. Just send me a message.
  7. Loubellou thanks so much for your post. I like those ALOT better! Are you happy with the size? I thought the ones I had picked might be too big
  8. Hi girls, I wanted these waterproof phone bags for my guests as I figure they could use them on excursions for their cameras/room keys/tip money. I am trying to get a wholesale deal on these though as they are $1.60 on ebay. The supplier messaged me back and said for 100 I can pay $1.00 each. I was thinking of giving 1 per couple so I really only need 40. Does anybody want to split this order with me?
  9. I act I actually found them by accident last night without seeing this thread... at the end of the healthcare isles just on those vertical hangers
  10. Do you have any of those orange chair sashes left and if so how many?
  11. Times for wed d Times for wedfings are either 2:00 or 4:00. We wanted 4:00 but that was booked and being they only do one at a time we had to choose 2. No biggy though
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