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  1. First let me say congrats and I hope your wedding is all you dreamed it would be and more.. I am not staying with the groom the night before .. He is leaving Saturday night and I don't plan to see him until I'm walking down the aisle ... He is going to stay in one of the bridesmaid's room and she is staying with me
  2. Good morning What is their intsta gram name ? I want to look them up .. Count down two months and counting
  3. So excited ... So far we have 60 guest booked .. So ready ..
  4. Congrats... quote name="Kaiden1215" url="/t/78683/official-now-jade-wedding-thread/3000#post_1927951"]I'm going to be a Now Jade bride also and I am soooo excited! My husband and I are actually already married but we didn't do a wedding and NO FAMILY was there when we eloped at the courthouse. He promised me that on our 5 year anniversary we would have my dream wedding so that day will be here in 20 short months. (LOL!!! it's not really short but it sounds better in my mind). I am in the beginning pages of the planning as our date is going to be April 25, 2015 which is the exact date we married in 2010. I have really enjoyed reading this forum and going hearing about everyone's plans and journey. The reviews have been short of amazing at answering questions that I would otherwise be waiting forever to get answered. Since I have such quite a while before my big day I will continue to enjoy everyone's experience and post about my planning until my big day comes.
  5. I went to a wedding in October and they Did not have a cocktail hour .. We all met at the lobby bar after the wedding . when they were ready they sent a resort worker to let us know .. This was at different resort but I'm considering doing this .. It did bother me one bit . When read this post it reminded me that they did not have a cocktail hour ..
  6. I I love this couple.. They are so cute. I love weddings that show the couple's personality .
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