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  1. Hi! Secrets/now amber uses the exact same wedding coordinator, the same locations for the wedding, the same prices, everything is the same. I just had my wedding there and posted a review under now amber if you would like to read it
  2. Krissstinad: at the top of the home page click on resort reviews. Then search under resort reviews for now amber puerto Vallarta. You should see it listed there
  3. Hi ladies!! I am currently on my honeymoon. I just had the most amazing wedding at now amber honestly it was the best day of my life. I have posted a very detailed review. Let me know if you have any questions. This site helped me during my planning process, so I am happy to be here to help you!
  4. For the cheapest room (garden view) it was $1340. plus tax $350. So my guests paid under $1700 for everything. We booked with air transat. We actually got a great deal with them. For every 5 rooms booked, we got one room free. So we have 34 guests going; which means we got 3 rooms for free...which equalled to almost $4000 back.
  5. Hi everyone! My wedding is approaching fast. We leave in 20 days! The planning seems to be going well for me, basically everything is done. If anyone has questions about what I've done, or the prices I have paid just let me know we are coming from edmonton (Alberta, Canada). After my wedding I will be sure to post pictures, and details ect...
  6. Cbott I am so happy your wedding was great!! I am really looking forward to your review. Congratulations on your marriage
  7. I did these invitations myself. I wanted to save money, but still have a great result. The formatting, and cutting took forever. But I'm so happy with the result. costs: 98 invitations $277 for all paper and envelopes (including cardstock for paper fold, blue and orange paper, envelope, and RSVP envelope) purchased from the paper tree 14.78 Sand dollar punch out 4.99 for a black and blue stamp pad 4.99 for star fish stamp 2.89 for bride and groom stamp all purchased at micheals with a 50% off coupon total for one invitation: $3.12 The open pocketfold The closed pocketfold The outer envelope The formal invite
  8. Wow! I had not realized it was that much extra per person for dinner! Eek....that seems crazy. has anyone asked where the rain out location is? For the ceremony and the reception? I'm just going to use the photographer in the package. I don't really have any extra money, so I'm crossing my fingers he will be good.
  9. I love the pics! I don't know if I would be brave enough for that though! I want to do a trash the dress, but maybe I'll just stick to going into the ocean
  10. Hello ladies! I'm happy someone started a thread for us we are getting married December 5 2013! We have just booked our trip, and I am working on invitations as we speak! Candyb when are you sending out your invitations? I don't think I will send out save the dates. (I'm trying to save money and postage) so we thought we would just send out invitations really early. Thoughts??
  11. Congratulations and good luck planning!
  12. Congratulations! I am also planning a march 2014 wedding, and dreams PV is one of our final contenders. Have you booked yet? What made you decide on dreams, have you been there before?
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