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  1. I want to have an In-Suite Reception and was wondering if the Cosmopolitan Wraparound Terrace Suite was a good idea for 30-40 people . I was also looking at both the Vista Suite and Media Suite at the Mandalay Bay. Does anyone have information on prices for May 2013 or if they would even allow In-Suite Receptions? <3 Thanks <3
  2. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone had an in-suite reception in the Cosmopolitan Wraparound terrace suite , Media-suite / Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay. I wanted to have a in-suite reception at one of those locations. Please give me some ideas and price information for May 2013 if possible. <3 Thanks<3
  3. Hi, i wanted to know if any one knew if in suite receptions were allowed at the Cosmopolitan. I loved their wraparound suite. I was also looking at both the vista suite and media suite at the Mandalay Bay. My wedding is May 18, 2013 and i plan on booking it at the skyline chapel. Can anyone post information and prices about these suites. <3 Thanks <3
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