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  1. Hi Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Brides who are getting married the week of April 26, 2013... Just wondering if we could organize a time/place to get together and have a toast to a long, happy, healthy, prosperus marriage. I'm getting married on May 1, 2013 and was thinking it would be fun to meet up with other brides that will be getting married around the same time... Any bride interested message me and I will see if I can co-ordinate something... Cheers... Kristy
  2. me, me, me....I will be getting married on May 1, 2013...what about you? Are you almost ready...lol
  3. Hi, I will be getting married on May 1, 2013....OMG its soo close yet so far... there's so much little things left to do...
  4. Hi There, Will you be able to email me the attachment? For some reason I can't seem to download. I think the timeline is an excellent idea and would love to use it for my destination wedding in a couple of months... Kristy UPLOAD run of show.doc
  5. Hi There, Just checking out your Welcome Bags and noticed that you got married in Runaway Bay... I'm getting married at Gran Bahia on May 1 and was wondering if by chance that's where you got married... If so, how did everything go? Laters
  6. Hi There, Would you be able to inbox me a pic of the survival kit? I like the idea...I'm also doing a welcome bag and need some ideas what to put in it. Thanks
  7. if you don't mind can you give me a kind of play to play as to what happened when you got there? Did you have centerpieces? How many guest did you have? How was the menu? Where did you have your reception?
  8. I'm sure it'll be fine.... I can't wait...I'm so excited... We went to get the guys outfits organized last night... so I feel like we're slowly checking things off our list...lol I'm going with a deep coral... Not bringing too much with me...I'm keeping it as simple as possible... I am however am going to do a Welcome Bag... Do you find alot of your guest are booking? Its driving me crazy cause the majority of our guest still have to book... They're acting like typical West Indians...they're going to wait until the last minute to book then when they have to pay more than we orginally quoted...they would be cursing...lol... Ah well the joys...
  9. OMG what's the date you're getting married? I'm getting married on May 1... I too was thinking of using the resort photographer. We were thinking of asking a friend (who takes pictures as a hobby) do our pictures but we're not sure if he's coming... so we'll have to resort to plan B aka resort photographer. I'm going to send an email to Chadlyn asking her for advise... Good question re: tip for Chandlyn...I didn't even think about that...Shame...
  10. I'm also having my reception at the Piscus snack bar on May 1, 213... I believe that a dj is included for 4 hours... we're going to bring a few cd's for the DJ to play. I'm sure you'll have to look after your own MC.
  11. This maybe true but it would be nice to be given the headsup at the get go...as I have no idea how the world of wedding planning works... I think its a matter of customer service... it takes a couple seconds to send an email advising that there normal procedure is to focus on weddings happening within that month etc...
  12. That's so exciting... Good Luck...I'm sure everything will go well... I can't wait to her all about your review... Try not to stress and take in as much as you can... I heard that the day just flies...
  13. To be honest at the beginning it was great. The specialist we were working with was fantastic at the beginning stages. She was enthusatic, helpful and seemed geniuenly interested in helping us plan our wedding. Whenever we would send an email she would respond right away.... However, the minute we signed on the dotted line...it was the opposite....she seemed less interested. It would take her days to respond to our email and when she did respond she never seemed to answer our questions so we had to re-email her again... It kinda sucks but I guess it could be worst... On the flip side, I had nothing but a good experience with Chadlyn (knock on wood) so far.... So did you go dress shopping as yet? Where are you located??
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