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  1. I married at the Secrets St. James/Wild Orchid resort in April 2014 and used Damian & Paula of Sun Gold Photography. I loved them. They were really easy to work with and family and friends LOVED the pictures. I have received so many comments and compliments from their work. The money was well worth it. These were memories that I want to have for a lifetime. I have posted a few pictures in my gallery..but here are a few.
  2. chekirv

    Secrets St. James

    Pictures from my wedding
  3. I was married at Secrets St. James on April 25, 2014 and Rashel came to do my makeup. Her fee for makeup was $100 and I paid her the fee for $250 beforehand and she booked a room at the resort. The other option was to pay Secrets a $300 outside vendor fee. She charged my mom and other guests $70/$75 to do their makeup. It was very natural and everyone loved it. I've included a picture.
  4. I plan on having an AHR one week after my return. I will have a whirlwind wedding experience all within a two week period. I have been planning the AHR along with my DW. Alot of friends and family are not able to attend the DW, so this will be a big party for everyone (about 200 people). We're going for more of a party/celebration vibe instead of the whole formal sit down dinner. Mostly bar-high tables around the dance floor and a couple of round tables, instead of the 20 round tables for 10 people each for the whole seating plan. My budget for the AHR is about $8K. We plan on having a dessert bar (not a formal wedding cake). We will play a video of the wedding before we arrive and after it finishes we will be introduced as husband and wife and walk in with my wedding dress and groom in his suit for our first dance. We plan on changing into more comfortable outfits after about an hour or so. We will have buffet style food and passed hour d'oveures (sp?) We will have pictures from the wedding on the tables. The venue is an old movie theater turned art gallery, so there isn't need for many decorations. A friend who is a professional photographer will take pics for us and we will have a dj as well. Hope this helps. My AHR and DW is in April, so the time is ticking away!
  5. I believe the resort photographer is Aquasun. You can search them, they have a website.
  6. I am pretty sure the resort uses Aquasun Jamaica for the pictures and videographer. I didn't like their quality but u can check the website and see if you like it.
  7. I think the resort photographer/videographer is AquaSun Jamaica. I have looked at the website and the video and pictures are subpar in my opinion. I would definitely go with an outside photographer. We are using Sungold. They seem to have pretty decent packages.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by layceelee Hi how are you! I am getting married at Secrets Wild Orchid November 20, 2013, we leave in about 3 weeks.. YAYY! There packages are pretty firm. You can't taken anything away you can add to them however. They will send you an extras list and you pick and choose from there. We have 31 people going including my fiancee and myself. We got the free wedding package and we adding on from there. It saved us a ton of money. There other packages are a little pricey. We decided not to do a private reception just for the mere fact that we as well as all our guests paid to eat and drink there in the price we paid to go. So we will be eating at one of the restaurants at the resort and then going to the bars to celebrate as our reception. I had all our bridesmaids flowers, my bouquet, and the bouts all made by a florist I know where we live. That way you can bring your flowers home and it saves you a ton of money if you have a large wedding party. If you have any other questions feel free to ask away! Congrats and good luck on your planning ! I am getting married in April 2014 (sunset ceremony at 5:30pm) and have also picked the free wedding package with the idea of eating together at one of the restaurants afterwards. Me and my FI didn't like the idea of paying $3K for food and drink especially when it was free...and our opting to have the bonfire on the beach that evening from 8-10pm. One question however, do you think you and your guests will be able to sit together in the restaurants together? I am only worried because I hear they will not reserve tables. Have you heard the same thing??
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