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  1. Here is the link to our pictures: http://www.tropicalpictures.com.do/bodas/chinelo-alexander
  2. I did do welcome bags. My MIL and SIL made them. We had our welcome reception at Bar Carey which is the perfect location for it, and they handed them out there. I did decide to use the resort's centerpieces and I was extremely pleased with how they turned out. I chose one of the more reasonable priced ones and it was gorgeous. So glad I went that route instead of trying to DIY. It would have been too much added stress on top of everything else I had to do. It was about $45 per table and we had 5 tables so it wasn't outrageous. Worth it IMO. I did a rehearsal dinner at the Santa Fe Ste
  3. Yeah they probably don't have an option for just the ceremony since the reception is included in the package price. It may not be worth it for you to pay for the package and just do the ceremony. The package includes the ceremony & reception venues, decorations, dinner, cake, and even an officiant. So I'd either have it all there or have it elsewhere if I were you. You can always do your rehearsal dinner or a day-after dinner/excursion at the other location you like.
  4. Yes!!!! Last Saturday. And it was perfect! It was beautiful. Ask me anything. I was there for 10 days (it was our honeymoon too) and I probably saw 5 or 6 other weddings. The resort is gorgeous no matter where you have it, I can't say enough about how awesome the hotel is. All of my guests LOVED it. We had been there before which gave us extra comfort in our choice, but this time around was even better. Service is unsurpassed. And no one got sick! Elizabeth is an amazing WC. Love her! The details I can think of: We had it at the garden gazebo and Bar Higuey for the reception Pas
  5. I just wanted to say that I'm 2 weeks away from my wedding at BBPD!!! I'm excited, anxious, and calm all at the same time. Any last minute advice is welcome!
  6. Beautiful slide show and wedding! The chapel is gorgeous. Thanks for the advice. We are going on a Wed, marrying that Sat, and staying until the following Friday. It's our honeymoon too so we figured we want to relax even after all the guests are gone. Thank you so much for explaining which rooms are which. We went ahead and booked the Jr. Suite Deluxe Ocean Front Club Premium for all the nights. I want to get upgraded but don't want to risk not having a nice room if they can't. Happy to hear that people loved the reception food...the pork sounds tempting! As of now we're doing the chicken and
  7. Going to e-mail you with questions and would love to see pictures!
  8. eri9384 Great review and congrats. So glad to hear everything went well. My wedding is in April (finally) and I'm getting excited. Been planning on here since 2013!!! Interesting that you went with the fish and pork. How were they? Sounds like everything turned out great. The cocktail hour at La Palapa sounds like a good idea. I saw the space during my visit and it's pretty nice. I agree that Hoyo 19 is a good place for a rehearsal dinner for no extra cost. It's so secluded I didn't even see it on l my visit, and we went to the water park more than once! Where did you have your recept
  9. I was told there is no fee to use Pastor York. But it looks like you got married last week so you likely know this already! Hope it went well and please share a review if you can. My plan is to make a reservation at the Japanese restaurant where they have hibachi style tables. If there is a reservation limit I will also tell my wedding party o make their own reservation, and then ask to be seated together. Seems like the Japanese restaurant is ideal for large parties because the tables already accommodate big groups. The Sports bar and Hoyo 19 (near the golf course) seem to also be plac
  10. The centerpiece costs are out of control! I too am struggling with whether to pay way too much for the minimalism that they call a center piece, or attempt to bring the stuff to make my own. The outside vendor fee is a whole 'nother annoying topic. I think I'll just be going with Tropical Pictures.
  11. LovelyGemini: Awesome review and lovely pics! you were a gorgeous bride! I think I have my ceremony scheduled at 4PM so we don't lose sunlight for pictures. But the dusk is beautiful too! Glad everything worked out and thanks for all of the tips.
  12. OK so I didn't see any weddings while I was there I only saw a reception going on in Bar Higuey on Saturday the 26th and heard the music playing. The place was lit up with colors...it was so pretty. Hope your ceremony and reception were everything you had hoped for! Please let us know how it went when you have a chance. Thanks so much, we're excited! Now that I've seen the resort it's easier to make my wedding decisions. Think I'm going to go with the Garden Gazebo for the ceremony location since it's shaded (and we'll have the little one) and then Bar Higuey for the recept
  13. I was just at the hotel this past weekend for a vacation/site visit. I met with Elizabeth two days ago...she's my new coordinator as well since Susana is no longer there. Elizabeth is a sweetheart and seems very capable. She said she's been working at the hotel since December, and used to work for a Melia hotel so she has experience. She picked me up in a golf cart from the adults only side and took me on a tour of the ceremony and reception locations, and then to her office for our meeting. So nice. Try e-mail her again, as she just e-mailed me our new confirmation yesterday. If not, I'd just
  14. We haven't chosen a new date just yet. We had one, but then we found out we're expecting (yay!) so we're working on a new date. I just saw your pictures....BEAUTIFUL! You chose a great photographer....love it. You guys look great together and the pier is an awesome ceremony location. I'm now looking for ways to save on the extras! I had originally chosen the beach ceremony (with cocktail reception on the rooftop), but I'm thinking about going with the gazebo since we'll ave a little one, and possibly no cocktail reception. I wanted to use the rooftop so bad, but I think instead we'll h
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