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    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    Hi there. My name is Sarah and Im from Ontario. We are planning to get married in Feb 2014 in Cuba at Melia Las Dunas Santa Maria. I havent booked anything yet as our travel agent is researching group prices. Im SO EXCITED to be getting married but so stressed at the same time regarding details of booking..... If anyone has previously been married here or is planning one at the moment please send me a message
  2. SarahLynnOntaro

    Melia Las Dunas - 2011-2012

    Hi there. My name is Sarah and Im getting married in Feb 2014 at the Melia Las Dunas. I have some questions as Im stressed out! lol...where should I ask these questions
  3. SarahLynnOntaro

    Upcoming Melia Las Dunas Weddings?

    Hi there. My name is Sarah and Im from Ontario. My fiance have finally decided to get married at the Melia Las Dunas in Santa Maria in February 2014. We are currently getting quotes from travel airlines. We received a quote of $1350.00 pp from Air Transat. Can anyone tell me if this is a good price or not? We are leaving from Toronto. What you think of Air Transat? The biggest question that I have is regarding the FREE wedding part. If we have 17 guests or more the wedding is free. Is the dinner after also free as well or do we have to pay for that? Also, if we dont end up having 17 people, what is the cost of the wedding? Im sorry to ask so many questions but Im stressed! lol. Thanks in advance