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  1. Hi Jamese - I just found out there's no fee to use Mayan Hospitality instead of Planner 1. Initially Alejandro told me there would be a $150 fee. I told Raffaele about this and he spoke to Alejandro and he said there'd be no fee. So that's good to know.. I've been working with Raffaele lately and he's been excellent. Very responsive, we've been shooting each other ideas back and forth, he'll give his opinions on whether he thinks something will fit with my theme. I think we're actually almost there, just putting on the final touches..
  2. Also - does anyone know if they charge the vendor fee for using Mayan Hospitality instead of Planner 1?
  3. Hi coogasu - I was thinking of doing something like this. How much did they quote you?
  4. I have also just reached out to Raffaele. He responded very quickly. I'm anxious to see what they can come up with.. Does anyone know if they will make wedding programs and menus for you? Or do you have to bring them yourself?
  5. Welcome Jamese and congrats!! I am also in the midst of trying to figure out what decorations I want from Planner 1. What did you guys decide on? I spoke with Fernanda from Planner 1 a few weeks ago and she sent me some pictures with some prices. If you give me your e-mail, I'd be happy to send it to you..
  6. I've asked this question on an e-mail chain I'm on outside of this forum and I haven't heard of anyone using the in house photographer. I chose Sasha Gluck. There is another photographer Fer Juaristi who's work I've seen online but he is pretty pricey. I think the best photographers in the Rivera Maya are Del Sol but Nayeli told me they're banned from The Beloved. Oh but by the way, if you pay for night in the hotel for the photographer, they can't charge you the outside vendor fee. Still an extra cost, but less than $500. Well I visited The Beloved last month and the gazebo is already there on the beach.. I was reading through some of the earlier posts on this thread and I thought I remembered someone saying they put some basic decorations on it.. I am just trying to decide how elaborate I want to get with the decorations. Many have said that they just wanted to use the natural surroundings and not overdo it. I got the prices from Planner 1 and they charge $500-4600 just to hang and light Chinese lanterns. The centerpieces for the tables are $60-$140 I think. Luckily I am having a small wedding.. but geez it is adding up.
  7. Hi ladies - I'm attempting to start locking down the details for the wedding and reception.. My goodness, It just seems like they charge for every little thing. For any past brides, do you know if there is any 'basic' level of decoration already included? Like the gazebo and table settings for example. I just get the sense that the Beloved tries to up-sell on all these premium items when they may not even be necessary. Can anyone provide any insight?
  8. Hi Kim - Sure, I will send. Can you give me an e-mail address? I don't know how to attach through here. How much is the tax for The Beloved services? Also - how did you go about starting communications with Planner 1? Did you just e-mail them and tell them you wanted some prices? Did you inquire about something specific? I am a little confused on this aspect. When I met with Nayeli, she told me that I could just contact them directly or talk to Alejandro and he could contact them.. All very confusing.
  9. Hello everyone - I just came back from Cancun and visited The Beloved when I was there! Unfortunately I was not able to meet with Alejandro as he was out sick that day so I met with Nayeli. She took us on a tour of the property. It was beautiful!! Everything I was expecting and then some!!!! She gave me their updated wedding package information and price list and there's definitely some things that are different than the information Alejandro sent me initially (which I think was actually the Excellence prices). Now the sheets actually have The Beloved branding on them.. so if anyone is planning, you may want to check to make sure you have the most updated info. One thing I noticed is that they now allow sparklers and fireworks/pyrotechnics. Previously they didn't but she said they had to get a permit for them. They also have some different cake and music/entertainment options. I didn't get to do a tasting or anything like that unfortunately.. But I looooved the resort. I have no doubt that we made the right decision! To C Lombardi above - I asked about the reception location and Nayeli said that most people lately choose the big palapa right on the beach as opposed to the Isla Grill (which is more for 50+ ppl). Mainly because its right on the beach and you get the lovely view and ocean breeze. I took a look at it and its definitely big enough for 50 and under. Alejandro sent me some pics of it all decorated and they make it look really nice.
  10. Nicola, I am using a travel planner from the site destinationweddings.com for my December wedding. They may be able to assist. I can give you the contact info for the the planner I'm working with, if you'd like.
  11. Just booked The Beloved for December 14, 2013!!! So excited to begin planning :-)
  12. Hello all - I am considering planning at wedding at The Beloved November/December of this year (from the looks of it, this is a very popular time of year!) If anyone has any tips or information they'd like to share (i.e. reviews, photos, vendors used, etc.) that would be great! Feel free to PM me or e-mail me at alexis1913@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  13. Amazing photographer, love our pictures!

    Pros: Punctual, professional, creative, friendly/personable, honest
    Cons: Wish we would have booked him longer!
    Sascha shot our wedding in December at The Beloved Hotel in Playa Mujeres. I decided to go with him because his prices seemed more reasonable than most of the photographers in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area. I am so glad we did, I can't say enough about him. He was punctual, professional and just all around a pleasure to work with. He even went above and beyond and came out to the resort a couple days before the wedding for a meet and greet and to answer any questions we had. On the actual day off
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