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  1. Hey, My husband and I are entered to win a free honeymoon to the Now Jade in the Mayan Riviera! I just need you to click LIKE on this Photo on the Pose Destination travel page and help us win and escape this long, cold winter! We are currently neck & neck for 1st place!!! Thanks, Megan https://www.facebook.com/posetravel/photos/a.626863990700713.1073741843.118855194834931/628673720519740/?type=1&theater
  2. We had the: Puffed Pastry filled with salmon & would mushroom white wine sauce Spinach Salad served with duck confit & balsamic vinaigrette Cream of Broccoli with parmesan cheese Beef Tenderloin filed with vegetable julienne served in a red wine sauce Or Chicken Breast filed with spinach & provolone cheese served with a saffron sauce Everyone that I spoke with enjoyed the meal a lot, and they were more than accomodating for my lactose allergy and the 2 celiacs we had! If there is one thing this resort does well is be accomodating during a wedding North Beach i
  3. Hey all of my fellow Dreams Riviera Brides, My husband and I are entered on Facebook to win a free honeymoon to the Now Jade in the Mayan Rivier and we would be so thankful if you are willing to help us win this vacation, so I just need you to click like on this Photo on the Pose Destination travel page and LIKE it. The couple with the most wins by March 31st wins the vacation. You can always share it on your wall too so even more people can like it! Thanks, Megan & J https://www.facebook.com/posetravel/photos/a.626863990700713.1073741843.118855194834931/628673720519740
  4. Aww so exciting, we leave in a week tomorrow! Thanks to everyone on this thread and site for helping me out with so much! Can't wait to be in the sun and married!
  5. When are you flying down lynseyloo0812?? We are there the 10-19 so we will be able to see your wedding too! We are getting married on the 13th at the North Beach at 4pm! Do you have everything ready or are you down to the last minute crunch like we are doing? Where are you having your reception? Hope all is going well for you! It is getting super exciting!
  6. Does anyone have a menu for the choices of appetizers,etc? Or what did you ladies use for picking your food options? Any help please
  7. I love the colours, I added fuschia to mine as well! Here are my girls bouquets!
  8. How is there no way around that fee? They only do 3 weddings a day and you can have your reception at NUMEROUS places! I find that hard to believe, I was bummed that we couldn't have the pool terrace because we only have 27 people. The seaside is nice, the oceana, the el patio, pool terrace, pool deck, the ballrooms and on the beach. I hope you can get it all figured out
  9. Hey, We are getting marrried January 13th at the DRC! The coordinators when you get there are absolutely fantastic and you honestly have nothing to worry about. We did a site visit in May and they walked with us around the property showing us the different sites. The Oceana is a grass/wood covered restaurant with two levels just off the beach. It is beautiful and I don't think you will need much in way of decorations. You do have to use the tables and chairs that are in the restaurant so that may be a downside as they are square tables. I am going to push them together to make rectangular
  10. The Oceana should only be a $800 charge and the downside of it is that you have to use the tables and chairs that are in the restaurant which is currently making a seating chart a pain in my bottom! We are getting married there Jan 13,2014 and they have been great so far with all there help. We did a site visit in May when we were in Tulum for a friends wedding.
  11. Yes, we were quoted $800 to rent it and I had asked them if we were paying for the Oceana if they would still have another party at the Pool Deck since we were paying and they were not. Lorena never answered that question and this is my biggest concern as I do not want to have competing DJs and the two locations are right next to one another. I am so excited though because I was able to do a resort view in May when I was down there for a friend's wedding and the resort was gorgeous.
  12. I am also booked at the Oceana as we wanted the Pool deck but only have 30 people coming. Wedding2014 were you told there was an additional charge for the Oceana?
  13. My fiance and I just got back from the Dreams Tulum last week. We were there as bridesmaid and groomsman in our good friends' wedding. It is a gorgeous resort and you will love it. They took such good care of everyone and the wedding was so relaxing and fun!
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