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  1. Hi! We did have to put a deposit down with our travel agent to hold the rooms. She said it was because they only have 109 rooms so they don't want to risk holding such a large percentage of their rooms compared to the 500+ rooms that most resorts have. We tried to get out of it also but we just love the Beloved so much we decided it was worth it. I would have to look at my contract again but I'm pretty sure we can get the deposit back on the rooms not used at 60 days before the wedding.
  2. Hi Everyone! We just passed the 9 month mark to our wedding at the Beloved and couldn't be more excited!! Is anyone using the photographer from the Beloved? I'm torn on what to do since you have to pay extra to bring an outside photographer in. If not, do you have recommendations? Please let me know!
  3. Hi Everyone, I just booked my wedding at the Beloved for December 2013 and we are so excited! Im working with a travel agent and Alejandro, both have been great. We reserved a block of rooms for our guests and they will work with the travel agent on payments, number of nights, etc. does anyone have any advice or pictures for locations at the Beloved for the reception? I know there are multiple choices and we are looking for something that will be private for our 30-40 guests and modern. Also, I'd love to know who people are using for photographers or music.