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  1. I was really upset this past week, because I paid to have my hair done, and I understand that I "do not have enough hair" for what I wanted, but I had told the girl I wanted a sleek updo for my bridal portraits. I am not at all happy with my bridal portraits, everything she did was frizzy and not what I wanted. Should I pay to have them done again and nix having her ever do my hair again? Thanks for your help. I realize bridal portraits are a Southern thing normally, but do you think these will be good enough for Mother and future mother in law pictures?
  2. RacheleLynn

    RIU Montego Bay May-August Brides 2013

    Wendy - I am stuck on OOT bags as well! I just don't know how much "stuff" I want to lug down there!
  3. These pictures look amazing! It looks like a good time was had by all!
  4. Thanks for the wonderful information!
  5. Thanks for the info - this is good to know!
  6. Well - here is my dress - I love seeing everybody else's dress!! Now - I just need to figure out the jewelry!
  7. RacheleLynn

    New Show on TLC: Four Weddings

    I love this show - even fiance is in on it - Who is going to win the honeymoon they have been dreaming of...